Friday, October 31, 2008

First there was G.I. Jane, then Anatomy Jane. Who’s next economic crisis Jane?

Did any of you catch the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episode last night? And yes that was a doll (anatomy Jane) that Meredith had since she was five years old but unknown to her, was buried along with her mothers things for years. Is this what our girls are subjected to as role models when they want to pursue their dreams? Anyone remember the G.I.Jane movie that was to inspire girls that they can do anything they put their minds to? I guess the idea is not so bad when your little girl wants to become a surgeon give her an anatomy Jane doll and perhaps she will be able to solve medical dilemmas. Sounds like a good idea, but I thought we had Barbie for that. Never mind, Barbie can never be as smart or as helpful as anatomy Jane was to Meredith last night. Sorry Barbie fans!

Okay the doll did help Meredith and the Docs solve a case of how to operate on an inoperable tumor in the child’s aorta near the abdomen, but really, a doll? Meredith is smart but I thought the writers kind of used a cheesy plot to get Meredith to solve a medical emergency using something that requires her revisiting her childhood that would require Meredith whining some more and wondering why she is soooo screwed up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but a doll? Is this how medical miracles made these days?

Okay, maybe I’m just upset about the whole episode with the pigs, Torres and Han, and Alex and Izzie. Well, at least Alex did sort of admit that he was jerk and that he needed help. That was kind of cute, and I always like a man who can admit his weaknesses.

Anyway, what do you think will happen next people? Is Meredith going to read all of those diaries that her mother left? Will she revert back to being clingy and whiny with Derek? Maybe, this will make her stronger. Perhaps she will find an all new reason to blame her mother for all of the things that are going wrong in her life.

I also missed ‘Survivor’ on CBS last night because I simply lost track of time and my children began hogging the living room T.V. while I prepared dinner. I am so bummed about that. I have always loved ‘Survivor’ since it premiered. I was never a ‘Big Brother’ fan, but I do occasionally watch ‘The Amazing Race’.

Also another newsworthy flash in the entertainment world, Ralph Macchio made a guest appearance on ‘Ugly Betty’ last night which my daughters happen to be watching last night. Will we see more of him, will the fans be asking for more? Only ABC knows.

I guess now that everyone officially has the sniffles, we will be in the house tonight.
No sugary treats or any tricks, just soup and crackers. What joy! I can’t wait to see their faces when I give them their dinner tonight.

Happy candy hunting everyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who will win the battle of the sexes?

Cloris Leachman is gone! Too bad, she was fun while she lasted. Hopefully, Lance will keep up his winning streak against Brooke. But Brooke is good, just not up to her game this week since her injury.

Anyway on the home front, my hubby and I have made up, but it is still a work in progress. Marriage counseling would not be a bad idea at this point right now, but you guys know how stubborn men are to the idea of being exposed to total strangers who poke and prod their inner being only to uncover what he didn't want to acknowledge in the first place. Why do you think they never ask for directions? But seriously, hubs is a good guy, I just can't beat myself up about his outlook on life. His mom did the best that she could with what she had. And she raised a good son.

I tried talking to him and this is as far as the conversation got:

Hubby: Why do you want to see a counselor? what if she finds something wrong?
Me: That is the whole point. A marriage counselor will point where we are going wrong and point us in the right direction. (shrug) Maybe you'll take his/hers viewpoint into consideration for once.
Hubby: Mumbles something incoherently.
Me: (I heard "tell me what to do"), but turn innocently to him and ask 'what'?!?
Hubby: I said 'She doesn't need to tell me what to do, I know what to do'. I'm not dumb ya know.
Me: (sweetly) Hon, how are you so sure that the marriage counselor will be a female?
Hubby: Well..., all the docs you see on T.V. are female...(voice trails off as he realizes what he has just said).
Me: (chuckling lightly as if amused, but really annoyed). You worry too much. There is not always going to be a female around to boss you around. ( This being said to a man who was raised by a single mom, lived with his big sis when he turned eighteen, his supervisor is a female. He also has two little girls who have him wrapped around their finger.) Your son can pick up after you when you retire and get old and decrepit and tell you what to do from the moment you turn a senior.
Hubby: (Shrugging) That's not funny. (He smiles regardless and heads to the living room for damage control with the two girls shrieking at each other and calling his name at the same time).
Me: (shouting out after him) Welcome to adulthood!

I now realize what a female dominated world my husband lives in, no wonder he gives me a hard time! Poor man, but I still insist that we go to a marriage counselor, a female marriage counselor of course. : )

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who will win on DWTS?

Hello fellow bloggers! It's been a while since I last blogged anything but life is fairly busy ya know. Anywho, I have also been catching up with my favorite shows this fall season. So far I like how the fall season has begun, however I am kind of disgusted with the way things are turning out on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

I believe Cloris Leachman will be voted off tonight, but you never know. If only Toni Braxton had made it for another week. Ah well. Anyway, did you all see the dance Cloris pulled off last night? I was in stitches :-) She is a true performer, and by that I mean entertainer.

No she is not the best dancer, even though she has not been injured like the rest of the crew on DWTS's. Blame it on karma, or someone is looking out for the old bird but she has been Lucky this season. But I do believe her time has run out on the show.

Anyway, what about the other shows? Well let's start with Monday line up. Heroes on NBC had a strong start, but I am beginning to get a little queasy of the whole plot as it becomes more predictable.

Tuesday is House on FOX which is always surprising, informative and entertaining. I love Hugh Laurie. How about that show Fringe that comes on after?? Anyone interested? I can honestly say I was hooked for the first three episodes but I then lost interest.

Wednesday is a day that I catch anything on T.V. like 'Pushing Daises' e.t.c.

Thursday is my Grey's Anatomy, and E.R. How about Kallies' and the other Docs romance? (I can't think of her name right now but when I finish this blog I will remember) Also, E.R. Sniff, sniff; it's their last season and I am truly going to miss them. They have been on for what 13 years, and to me it was just getting better. Well, nothing lasts forever.

Then there is Fridays Crusoe on NBC. I only watch it because my children LOVE 'Pirates of the Carribean' and Johnny Depp in that order. Anyway, that show will never live up to the Pirates trilogy but it is something to watch and try to be entertained.

Saturday is usually Cops and America's most wanted. Sunday is Cold Case, and I am just as fanatic about that show as I am Grey's Anatomy.

One day I will probably find some time to watch Life on Mars or Ugly Betty, but not anytime soon.