Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who will win on DWTS?

Hello fellow bloggers! It's been a while since I last blogged anything but life is fairly busy ya know. Anywho, I have also been catching up with my favorite shows this fall season. So far I like how the fall season has begun, however I am kind of disgusted with the way things are turning out on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

I believe Cloris Leachman will be voted off tonight, but you never know. If only Toni Braxton had made it for another week. Ah well. Anyway, did you all see the dance Cloris pulled off last night? I was in stitches :-) She is a true performer, and by that I mean entertainer.

No she is not the best dancer, even though she has not been injured like the rest of the crew on DWTS's. Blame it on karma, or someone is looking out for the old bird but she has been Lucky this season. But I do believe her time has run out on the show.

Anyway, what about the other shows? Well let's start with Monday line up. Heroes on NBC had a strong start, but I am beginning to get a little queasy of the whole plot as it becomes more predictable.

Tuesday is House on FOX which is always surprising, informative and entertaining. I love Hugh Laurie. How about that show Fringe that comes on after?? Anyone interested? I can honestly say I was hooked for the first three episodes but I then lost interest.

Wednesday is a day that I catch anything on T.V. like 'Pushing Daises' e.t.c.

Thursday is my Grey's Anatomy, and E.R. How about Kallies' and the other Docs romance? (I can't think of her name right now but when I finish this blog I will remember) Also, E.R. Sniff, sniff; it's their last season and I am truly going to miss them. They have been on for what 13 years, and to me it was just getting better. Well, nothing lasts forever.

Then there is Fridays Crusoe on NBC. I only watch it because my children LOVE 'Pirates of the Carribean' and Johnny Depp in that order. Anyway, that show will never live up to the Pirates trilogy but it is something to watch and try to be entertained.

Saturday is usually Cops and America's most wanted. Sunday is Cold Case, and I am just as fanatic about that show as I am Grey's Anatomy.

One day I will probably find some time to watch Life on Mars or Ugly Betty, but not anytime soon.

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