Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping malls, Black Friday, and the 27 days left until Christmas!

Hello fellow bloggers! Just a little note to say I hope that you are enjoying your holiday weekend.

I got to meet more relatives than I knew I had this holiday, I sat and ate two plates of food and felt like I gained 10 lbs. in 2 days. (I have leftovers galore).

My little ones enjoyed themselves immensely and are happy to be able to heat up their own food, without me preparing it before hand.

Anywho, did anyone celebrate Black Friday? I mean it behooves me to go shopping in all of that crowd, but a bargain is a bargain. I did one black Friday years ago and got knocked down. But before I got knocked down, a lady in a wheelchair scooted her way to the front of a pallet of DVD/VCRs (when they were new) and as soon as the employee took off the plastic she grabbed three and got up out of the wheelchair and walked to the register. Now that took guts!!

Anyway, people get too ballsy around that time for me. Another Christmas I witnessed a woman bite another woman for a 'Tickle Me Elmo'. Now you've got to be pretty desperate to BITE someone. Come on, I mean scratch, punch, or kick, but bite?! WHEW! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Anywho, I braved the crowds today to buy some CDs and other what nots. I couldn't buy much because I had my lovely muffins with me, but I finish shopping when they return to school next week.

So everyone enjoy your weekend and good luck shopping!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

When I see the word ‘Twilight’ I think of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Okay, as you can see I am not a ‘Twilight’ fan. I want to be, but I haven’t read the book as of yet. It may be because I am a big chicken when it comes to vampires. I can’t watch vampire movies, I can’t stand vampire costumes and I definitely can’t bring myself to even read about them. But you can’t rule me out yet. I did put the book ‘Twilight’ on my Shelfari shelf (check it out below) as a book I plan to read. (I get an A+ for effort) I know my newly sixteen year old is ready to read it. (If ever the library will stop lending it out).

I am also a little bummed out about the inauguration. I WANT TO GO!!! Okay, I know I sound like a whiny baby, but I do want to go. Plus, it’ll be an educational trip for my children. :-) Can you imagine being there watching Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States? It is not only history in the making but amazing just being able to witness something as remarkable that a black man will one day lead our country. A country that once had slaves, a country that not only barred blacks from voting but hosed them down or turned the dogs on them if they wanted to eat at the same lunch counter as them. This is so amazing and unbelievable. I still think that sometimes I will wake up and someone will say it was all a dream. But people’s enthusiasm is really hitting home hard. Did you hear that they named a school after Barack Obama? And he is also choosing Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State.

Okay, when Hilary was running I did want to vote her in the office, but I was a little wary as to what kind of job she would do. It could have been because I loved her husband so much. (I’m talking big crush here). Any who, I knew I wasn’t voting Republican this year, and I just knew that maybe a woman would do a better job than what these men did. I was all about WOMAN POWER! But, I think I breathed a deep sigh of relief when Hilary didn’t win the primary. I didn’t consciously do it, but it was more internal. I was hoping that Barack would win, but my belief in men running the country properly was worn out so thin that any woman would have done. (I know what you are thinking but Palin NEVER had a chance for my vote). McCain maybe, Palin hell no!

Anyway, anyone and anybody who reads my blog know I am a big TV junkie. (I will join a 12-step program one of these days I promise!). So you know my week of television review would include Grey’s Anatomy. Big bodonkadonk: Izzie is seeing dead people! Not people, but just Denny the guy she was to marry in season two. He’s back.

I think sometimes we need ghosts to remind us that we are living. It does no good when you can touch them, so I’m totally not getting the touching part in the story line but that’s Shonda Rhimes story, not mine. I think having ghosts around can remind us of what and why life is such a blessing. We need that someone in our life that will make us realize that life is worth living (If they are worth hanging around with). Not to be able to be with our loved ones is pretty tragic. And I wonder how it is on the other side as well. Not that I am looking to find out anytime soon!

Any who, the whole episode was really good and I was so proud that Alex was showing some kind of compassion. As I think of it, perhaps Denny showed up because Izzie was in need of some companionship. Plus she seemed to get a good lay out of it!

I also watched Oprah this week and the beauty tips from around the world were pretty interesting. Drinking Collagen in Japan, hair weaves from India, fat, divorced, with stretch marks is beautiful in Mauritania, the average weight for a woman in Brazil is 110-125 lbs, and Iran is the nose-job capitol of the world! Pretty informative and very enlightening. I never would have guessed at these beauty cliché in other countries.

Well you guys, keep it light and have fun this weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Hugh Jackman...

Today I read that people magazine voted you the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ this year. I beg to differ. I do however think that you are intelligent, a great singer, a good family man, a wonderful actor, a good humanitarian, and a person who does appreciate his fans.

But the 'Sexiest Man Alive' title belongs to my hubby of 9 years. He comes home after working a long sometimes 6 hour day ready to go to bed. He neither smiles nor says hello, but does manage to grunt. I think it is his sexy way of saying “Hello dollface, I missed you all day. Can’t wait to get you into bed tonight”. What a hunk!!!

Before taking a shower he throws his sweaty, dirty clothes on the newly waxed bedroom floor that took me two hours to do because my little one decided to bring Barbie and her entourage into my room, and it took me four attempts to remove her from the premises. I think it is his sexy way of saying “Honey, these dirty clothes will make you happy. You can finally fill that last load you were so desperately waiting to do”. Bless his heart!!!

Before we settle down for the night he watches TV with me and eats pretzels, slurps Pepsi, burps, farts and channel surfs complaining of ‘there’s never any good action-packed, gun fight movie on’. I think it is his sexy way of saying “Watch this babe, I’ll find a romantic movie for us both to watch so that we can cuddle up together, and wipe each others tears”. Sigh, what a romantic!!!

During the night, he snores so loudly that he sometimes wakens himself. I gave him breathe right strips the other night but he came up with this helpful suggestion; he said that if I give him my 3 fluffy pillows perhaps he can angle his head just right and then maybe his vocal cords inside his throat will not vibrate so much when he breathes. I think it is his sexy way of saying “If the game warden comes knocking on the door for the bear that he thinks is inside this house tell him to go out back and get those pesky possums that live in our shed that you bugged me for forever to get rid of”. What a hero!!!

On the weekends that he does have off from work, he kicks the children out of the family room and settles in front of the TV, turns to any sports game that catches his fancy and is surrounded by all of his favorite junk food. I spend hours making him his favorite foods and he sits in his lazy-boy chair all weekend long. I think it is his sexy way of saying “Come spend some quality time with me. It’s just you and me babe. I’m all yours!” How thoughtful!!!

So you see Mr. Hugh Jackman, People magazine gave you the wrong title. It belongs to my considerate, hunky, romantic, thoughtful sexy hero who always thinks of me whenever he is at home. I love that man and he knows I’ll always be at his side laughing with him and not at him.

A devoted fan,

Monday, November 17, 2008

#1 on My Christmas list, I want to be sixteen again!!

Good Monday Bloggers!
It has been a very busy weekend for me. I had the honor and privilege to host eight squealing and giggly girls over the weekend for my eldest daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday bash. (Okay never mind that she turned sixteen two weeks ago. You gotta do these things when money does become available). Anywho, she had initially invited 15 girls, then the list was cut to 10 and then only 7 showed up. (mean girls, and I thought they were her friends).

My daughter was the bell of the ball and she really put on a show. Family was there and my daughter’s friends. We had the initial party party in the conference room of the local Comfort Inn, and then we took the rest of the party to the reserved hotel rooms for the slumber party. (They were adjoined rooms where the girls could have lots of space to run from one room to the other). I never saw my daughter so lit up and she loved being the center of attention. The theme was formal wear, and she took pics with every girl as they came to the party. Of course it was girls only. Even though my daughter is sixteen, she still believes that boys are kinda creepy and they were not invited. (Blame this on a recent bad break-up).

To see my daughter having such a good time reminded me of when I was sixteen and the party I didn’t have.

My mom and I were not on speaking terms. (???) We lived on the west coast 1,000 miles away from my dad, and my grandmother. So my mother’s so-called friends took me out and sort of surprised me for a little dinner at the local Sizzlers’. (Any of you West coast people still know if that restaurant is still in existence, please let me know). Anywho, it was not too bad. Besides not talking to my mom, the women did try to make me feel wanted and loved, but there is nothing like a mother who will acknowledge your existence and speak to you.

Come to think of it, I don’t want to be sixteen again. That age sucked for me. I totally was not rebellious or in anyway disrespectful, but I did lack the confidence to see that I was not a bad person. Some people say that being a teenager was fun and exciting for them, but I can’t totally look back and say that they were ‘the best years of my life’.

However; I will enjoy the life that I have now, and count my blessing that life has led me here thus so far. I am truly gratefully and feel totally blessed.

Well, with that said, good day or good evening to you all. And to all of you DWTSs and Heroes fans; happy viewing tonight!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A day late and a dollar short

Thank you to all of our veterans, THANK YOU!

I know I am late in recognizing our veterans, but it better late than never. I also want to personally thank my two brothers, my little sister, and my cousin who are serving our country right now.

I should know better than wait a day after Veterans Day to say thank you. I come from a family who always felt dedicated to serve their country. Thank you again.

Okay, now that I got my head out of the sand I can move on to real business.

It’s been eight days since Obama has been elected the 44th President to lead our country. I can feel the mood change all around me as I encounter people I’ve never met on the street. Now I live in the country where people are already friendly, but now people seem to be genuinely happy. It seems as if some have a new resound hope that the future will better. It’s a ‘Yes We Can’ spirit that seems to be resonating through out the country. Even those who do not support Obama have seemed to be surer of what the future might hold.

Not that we don’t have a long climb ahead of us, we do. But Americans have been blessed to have a certain attitude that always seems to gets us through the toughest times, the bleakest situations, and the most heart wrenching news to unfold before us. I am so proud to be an American.

Not that I wasn’t before, but there was a certain shame that did follow me as if I was involved in the slaving of innocent people who served only to make their captors richer and they were denied their freedom to live freely as every man, woman, or child was destined to do. I was ashamed of our policies that thought it was necessary to strike at innocent people and force them to adopt a way of life that wasn’t theirs and were told to strip their identity, their culture, their soul so that those around them can be more comfortable with them. I was ashamed to be involved in a country that thought it was okay to humiliate and capture those that they thought capable of committing crimes before they were committed. (Anyone remember the movie ‘Minority Report’). I am no longer ashamed. I am an American and damn proud of it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Being a champion is all well and good but you can not eat a crown.

I need to review my week. While it was fun it was none the less the most exciting and tiring week I have experienced in a long time.

I will start about the new President -elect Obama. I, as a American citizen, will try my best to support the new President-elect, but I also pray that he delivers on his promises.

I was hoping Susan Lucci would not be voted off DWTS's but all well. If you don't vote you don't count. (Citing personal reasons, I made a vow not to vote on dancing with the stars this year despite being a obsessed fan of the show since it began).

I wish I was at Oprah's voting party. I never went to an Oprah show, but one day my generous husband will take me there for an anniversary surprise. (It's been almost ten years honey!).

Last night Grey's Anatomy was awesome!! It is about time that someone got on the residents and interns for their apparent lack of respect and always bickering over patients. The practice dummy was incredible and I have had similar experiences with such a dummy in nursing school and a practical joker for a teacher.

Anyway it is now Friday night and all I am interested in is watching these sappy movies on Hallmark movie channel. (Love Hallmark but right now I've watched the same movie three times already).

This week I also learned a new word: ECLECTIC . The reason I chose this word because it has something to do with my music choices. If you've seen my library on my media player you would ask what does she really like? I like all kinds of music and certain ones strike me for certain occasions. (I'll write a blog about it one day).

Anyway, eclectic means Made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources.
I think it's a cool word especially in this historic week.

We are indeed an eclectic society and steadily trying to work together to make a better society for us all (I hope).

Every voice counts, every viewpoint is important, and being open to change is what makes a wonderful society or an Utopian society.

We are only just beginning to scratch the surface and one day our future generation will appreciate our efforts to make a better world. I hope.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grey's Anatomy is not so predictable as I thought.

Okay, I'm a TV junkie. I admit it and I am not ashamed. (I am also a junk food addict but we'll discuss that another time).

So my discussion is about Grey's anatomy tonight, and rumors have been swirling that Dr. Han is leaving. Oh well, it wasn't going to work between Kallie and her anyway.

I wonder what Meredith will find in her mother's diaries. Will she regret what she reads? She will ponder it but I am quite sure she will work McDreamys' nerves raw or will she? Derrick seems to like Merediths' constant barrage of questions and uncertainty. I think it makes him feel more 'manly' that Meredith is so dependent on his opinion. (Men are such sensitive souls ;-).

Anyhow, It is now 8:06 P.M. and I have to get up and watch Ugly Betty or Survivor. (PIP is so great).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America the beautiful!

Well, well, well America. It looks like the world will now have a different opinion of the U.S.A.
Tomorrow I will wake my children up to a different world, a world where I can now honestly tell them that one day they too can become President.
We have now rose to the challenge and stated to the world that we are ready to hold our head high and get rid of old prejudices. We can now embrace the future and hope for a better tomorrow.
America we saw a gracious John McCain concede to the President-elect Barack Obama.
America we saw a gracious President-elect Barack Obama calm our fears for the future ahead and stood there telling us that the American dream is for real.
Good morning America, because today begins a new chapter in American history.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted for ...

Today did not start out like any other day.
I woke up at 5 A.M.
I watched the morning news and checked today’s weather.
I woke up the kids and cooked their breakfast.
I saw my children off to their buses and prayed that they made it safely to school.
I showered, dressed, and brushed my teeth.
I drank my morning coffee and ate one piece of toast.
I ducked the rain and started the car.
I drove to the neighborhood church and stood in line.
I talked to my neighbors who I have not seen in months.
I handed my ID to the volunteer.
I used the computer to cast my vote for the second time in my life.
I received a sticker and a smile.
Today did not start out like any other day, because today I voted for a new future.

Make your vote be heard and participate in making history today.

Happy voting everyone!