Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Awards Day!

I know there really is no such day/holiday. I just thought that it was a catchy title!

Boo-hoo to me for posting this sooo late! Sorry Sheri!
But the good news is I was awarded an award by Sheri. Actually two awards! She is too generous!

Sheri is the consummate blogger who entertains, is humorous and is always keeping the reader up to date on the latest scoop in the news. She is a better read than People Magazine.

The first award is:

With this award I have to list five sexy things about myself:

1. I love to wear sexy lingerie to bed. ( That will explain the seven children).
2. I have curves that say there is more of me to love. ( I do belong to a group called the 'Curvaceous Club').
3. My cheekbones are my best features on my face. ( Some say my eyes, I beg to differ).
4. All summer long I wear flips and keep a pedicure. (Virtually impossible for me to do in the winter.)
5. Some think I am weird. I believe that weird is sexy because it is unique.

I give this award to these sexy people:
Akilah (you said it, I believe it, that settles it!)
Brenda Susan (you are beautiful and you know it)
Lilly (All Aussies' are purely sexy to me)
Speedcat (did anyone ever tell you that making people laugh is so sexy)
Heather (obvious you are too sexy for words)
Carma (you had me at belly button bling)
Lucy (living in the suburbs will do that to you)
Tina (we momma's are so sexy in our own way)
Ashley (obviously you and the hubs are the cutest on the blogosphere)
Kelly (honest and telling life like it is is sooo sexy)
Gemmerzz (you love life and show it)
JannaBee (being a friend is always ozzing sexiness)
Rachel (raising kids is so sexy)
Sheri (back at you babe!)
Kylie (yeah you girl)

The other award is the Vespa Blogger Friendship Award!

The following friends who are nominated for this award are:
Mr. Bill
Cyndi ( I know that you said 'the end' to your blog, but you are still my buddy)
Janna Bee
Mrs. GB

Thank you again Sheri! I am so sorry for taking so long to post it. I hope that this is recognized as better late than never! You are the best girl. Love ya!

To all of you nominated for these award, it is well deserved and I am honored to have such an opportunity to be able to give it to you! If you already have the award I am sorry, but you were nominated again.

I just love you that is all!



*Akilah Sakai* said...

Aw, thanks hot mama! What did I say to get the SEXY Award? LOL!!

Oh my goodness!! Did I just win a Vespa scooter thingamajig?! Ha! Just kidding.

Thanks, B! You're the bestest eva!

Jessica said...

Hey Bibi! Thanks for the award. That's my first ever. :)

Lucy said...

Wow, you came back with a bang! Two awards.

Thanks a bunch!!

Christine said...

thanks for the great award!

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on the award. by the way, what weird thing happened on blogger. I had something like 20 posts supposedly by you, each with a line or two in a foreign language!

carma said...

Me, SEXY??? LOL - I am most honored. The Vespa award, too. I love Vespas - always wanted one in Lime Green or maybe Mint Green. You are so kind!!

Hope the end of year exams went well and that you can relax and enjoy the summer! You deserve some R&R :-)

Janna Bee said...

Thank you thank you thank you! You are awesome. I promise, I am working on an award post, and I can't wait to feature these! Have a great weekend!

Brenda Susan said...

Hey Bibi thanks for the award, & a Sexy one at that! Pretty cool!

I just happened to see this as I was trying to figure out how to delete the strange blog that was showing up in a foriegn languange about 20 times in one day! It was yours! weird! It said it was written by Caleb Hernandez! Almost lost you!

Lilly said...

Aw gee thank you, simply bevause I fel about as sexy this moment as a wrung out dish rag...and I too "believe that weird is sexy because it is unique". A mother with seven children is beyond sexy Bibi!

Maxie said...

I'm not sure what a vespa award means, but if it means I get a free vespa then i want one. LOL

BIBI said...

You are so welcome Akilah! Believe me what you have to talk about is so funny and I think woman who can laugh at them self ARE sexy.

BIBI said...

You are so welcome Jessica. I am glad to have given you your first award! =)

BIBI said...

Hey Lucy! You are welcome! And thanks to you! You gave me an award and I'd like to acknowledge it. So soon you'll see it posted.

BIBI said...

You are welcome Christine. I see that you have posted something about a renovation and I am on my way to read it!
Thanks for your comment!

BIBI said...

Thanks for visiting my page Charles. I have no idea what was going on with the comments. That is so strange. I never heard of such a thing, but it's not like it can't happen.
*shiver* I hope no one has stole my ID on my blog page. =(

Thanks Charles for the alert!

BIBI said...

Hey Carma,
Thanks for asking about my exams. I just finished mid-terms about two weeks ago and got two 'A'. YAY ME! I now have four more weeks until this semester is over. I will be taking classes (gulp) this summer. I am such a dedicated whacko who has nothing better to do than to be stressed out all the time. ;)

But anywho, I so enjoy living a busy life, I guess I will never retire. HAHA!

BIBI said...

You are so welcome JannaBee! I so enjoy your blog and I am so glad that you guest posted on your friends blog. What a wonderful piece. I couldn't comment at the time because I guess the comment section was over by then, but I just want you to know that I laughed my head off. You hit the nail right on the head.

Have you ever considered trying for another one and pray that you get a girl?!? :)

BIBI said...

Hey Brenda, I have no idea who this Caleb Hernandez is, but he is beginning to irk me to no end. Charles said that it happened to him as well.

Hmmmm.... is goggle having some trouble. I never heard of such a thing happening. Weird.

By the way, you are welcome girl!

BIBI said...

You are welcome Lilly!

HAHAHA! I never thought of being sexy but okay if you say so. I am still working on losing the post-pregnancy weight. I have to work extra hard if I want to look good on the beach come August when the hubby and I take off for our 10th anniversary.

Thanks for the comment!

BIBI said...

And you so deserve it Maxie. Take it, cause it is yours now girl!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

ACK, I'm so late, but I *AM* catching up on all my reading and not just ignoring it all! Please forgive me. :)

Thank you so much for the award -- you're so awesome!!