Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Dorable!

I was given another award. I am so late in acknowledging it. I apologize Mrs. GB. But thank you Mrs. GB. Check her out everyone, she is a joy to read!

I am so happy that I have been awarded by posting my thoughts, feelings and intimate life that I hold so dear and private to myself. I feel so rewarded for just having had made friends and have them cheer me on, cry with me, laugh with me (or at) and congratulate me on anything that I am doing good on. I feel so blessed and very fortunate that I have all of you blogreaders who are so kind to even take your time and read a little bit of what's going on in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

*Ahem Ahem*

Now that I have given you all of your due praise I now will award the very people who have made my blogging experience so enjoyable. The rules are to:

Include the award logo in your blog or post.
Nominate as many blogs which you like.
Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

So my fellow nominees are:
1. Akilah
2. Sheri
4. Gemmerzz
5. The Mind of Mom
6. Rachel
7. Tia
8. Mr. Bill (no offense Bill, but I find you adorable)
9. Janna Bee
10. Tina
11. Kylie
12. Heather (right back at ya babe!)
13. Carma Sez
14. Lucy
15. Kelly
16. Stone
17. Mimi Lenox
18. Jessica
19. Chris
20. Lilly
21. Cyndi
22. Christine
23. Brenda Susan
24. Sara
25. Nilsa
26. Sandi
27. Julie Rose
28. Brenda Lou
29. Speedcat Hollydale
30. Deutlich

Well, I hope those of you reading enjoy the blogs listed. I hope my nominees like the award. And all of you have a good and happy EARTH DAY!

Until then...


carma said...

Thank you so much for this award. You're the best!! I hope that all is going well. I miss your frequent posting!

Take Care.

BIBI said...

You are welcome Carma. I will get back to my regularly scheduled posting soon.
Thanks for your concern!

Sheri said...

Aww thank you so much! You are so adorable :)

Kylie said...

Aww...Thanks so much sweetie!!!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Cool award ... and on my "birfday"! Awesome gift, BIBI! We enjoy you and your blog. Next time you disappear, a search party will be called. ;)

BIBI said...

You are SO welcome Sheri. It is well deserved because you are adorable as well.

BIBI said...

Hey Kylie!
You are so welcome girl. And deserved as well!

BIBI said...

Happy Bfday Akilah,
I figured since I can't send you an official gift through the web, I could send you the next best thing!;)

Hahaha! For real?!? A search party?!? Ahhh... I love you too girl!

Christine said...

thanks for the award and thinking of me!

Lucy said...

Thanks a bunch for the award. I have sooo missed your posting, hope all is well in your world. Know I will look forward to catching up when you have the time to share again!!

BIBI said...

You are so welcome Christine!
Thanks for commenting!

BIBI said...

Oh yes Lucy! Be on the look out. My story is even closer than you think.

You are so welcome! Have a good one!

Janna Bee said...

Thank you so much for the award- it's (appropriately) adorable. You totally deserve it too, congratulations!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Thanks BIBI !!!!!!!!!!

I will post it up right now (((smile)))

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Done !!! :-)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Congrads to you and Thank you for the honor!! It's been a long rough week and this was a nice ending to it!

BIBI said...

You are so welcome Janna Bee girl! I am so glad that I've met so many 'adorable' people on the web. :)

BIBI said...

You are VERY welcome Speedcat. And reading your blog has been an 'adorable' experience for me.

I especially love the pics.

BIBI said...

Hey Mom, I am glad that this award has made your week. You are too adorable to past up!

Tina said...

Awwww Thank you!!! So sorry that I am late picking this up. It's been a rough month.

Chris said...

Hi Bibi!

That's so sweet of you! :) Thank you and RIGHT BACK AT YOU! :)

Have a terrific day!

Mr. Bill said...

You think I'm ADORABLE?? You just became my favorite blog! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

BIBI!! I finally got around to posting the award... plus one you awarded me weeks ago. Tsk, tsk -- I know!

Make your way over to my sight to see what I've passed back to you. :)