Friday, April 10, 2009

What I See and Have to Say About Blogging

Okay I have to confess what has happened to me for the last few weeks and why my blogs have been sparse and far from being constant.

As you all who read and do follow, you have seen that I have been very diligent in posting to my blog at least three times a week daily. I also would comment often and a lot! That excluding the month of February when I posted everyday for 28 days.

Not bad, but still I haven’t come close to the reason why.

I now have to wear glasses.

For the last 8 weeks I’ve had a hard time staying on the computer for more than two hours at a time. So I would be on the computer and would try to comment on as many blogs as possible, shut down the laptop, take some meds for my headache, get back on, eyes burn to the point where I feel as if someone has taken a candle to my eyes, shut down the computer/laptop, rest then do it all over again.

Tiresome right? Wait it gets better!

Two weeks ago, I couldn’t look at the computer before my eyes would tear and burn and I would have an incredible headache. This led to my seeing an ophthalmologist yesterday since I last seen an eye doc in 1993.

So I officially have a very lazy left eye that is causing my right eye to work harder because it is not pulling its weight around here. So watching TV was a chore where I had to always have a hot washcloth handy to put over my eyes during the commercials.

I didn’t dare drive at night for fear I’d go over a ditch and land in a pasture decorated with cow poo-poo.

And I so badly wanted to read a book besides ‘New Moon’ but the large print selection at the library did not look too tempting.

So there you have it, the excuse of the week (or the last two weeks). Now I can type in bed, in the kitchen, in the commode if I want to thanks in all to these wonderful eye drops courtesy of Dr. W and some wonderful painkillers that make me feel as limp as a noodle. I’ll get my wonderful glasses next week soon as they fill in the prescription. Oh YAY me!!

Sorry if the sarcasm is extra heavy today. I don’t like celebrating the fact that my age has caught up with my eyes.


carma said...

This is good news about your new glasses. I hope that they do the trick and that you'll be back to your blogging self!

BIBI said...

Thanks Carma. I hope to be back to my 'ole self as well.

Lucy said...

Oh, my goodness sounds like you were miserable you poor thing. Glad you are on the mend and will be back in action!!!

BIBI said...

Yes Lucy. I am sooo glad that I had the courage to see the eye doc. I usually can handle pain, but that was too much! I would have rather been in labor. NOT!

Thanks for your comment!

Christine said...

glad to hear about the new glasses and hope you'll be back to normal now. Just in time for Easter chocolates!

BIBI said...

Thanks Christine! You have a nice Easter weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Poor Bibi!

Having bad eyes is a pain, mine are awful. I wear contacts and sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, so I feel your pain.

Kylie said...

Well, at least ya know what's causing the problems now! It's not so bad to wear glasses. Just pick out a frame that makes you feel fabulous!! Hubby and I got new glasses last month and love them! We both have had to wear glasses full time for years now so I guess we're used to it now!
Good luck with the new spectacles!! I'm sure they'll look wonderful!!

BIBI said...

Thanks Cyndi!

Don't know what I'll do without them now. I just got them and my eyes are much better now.

Everything is sharper and I find myself not straining so much.

WHEW!! I'm going to be a blogging idiot now. HAHAHA!

BIBI said...

Thanks Kylie. I now have my glasses and my eyes feel so much better!

I picked out some frames at - you guessed it my fave place to shop Wally World (AKA Wal-Mart)!

I picked out the Celine Dion design and feel like kick-ass! LOL!

Thanks again for the comment!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

It's not your age, you youngster, you! It's not seeing an eye doctor since 1993! My goodness! It's a miracle those baby browns are still working. ;) Happy to hear you are on the mend.

When we sit at a computer, we tend to stare and not blink much, which isn't good at all. Look away and stare at an object for like a minute so you can help out your eye muscles.

Stone said...

Intersting that you should mention your eyes...
I drove to Brussels last week and back home the day before yesterday (a 3, 3 1/2 hr drive) and I had to stop in the middle because my head was exploding and my eyes felt like someone was stabbing them with a massive dagger...
I also got lost on the highway, maybe because I couldn't see the signs fast enough.
At any rate, I have decided to go see an M.D. because it has dawned upon me that my eyes are probably not what they used to be (and I'll be 40 in six weeks!) does make you feel old somehow, doesn't it?!

BIBI said...

Thanks Akilah! I have been on the computer so much that I didn't realize that it can cause so many problems.

I also watch TV as well, and that can't be any help either! Ah well!

Thanks for your comment!

BIBI said...

You know what Stone, I have had the hardest time driving and especially at night.

WOW! That pain sounds so familiar to mine. And it does make me feel like I am aging at a pretty fast pace. TOO fast if you ask me ;D

Thanks for the comment and have a good one!

Stone said...

Will do sista!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

I haven't been able to view your page in a while because everytime I would go to load it, it would freeze my computer. :( I just wanted to tell you, I feel for ya. Get those eyeballs of yours feelin' better, lovey!

BIBI said...

Thank you Ashley. Don't worry yourself dear. Get your computer fixed. I have three that decided to quit on me that I am currently contemplating whether to trash, bash-up, or just give up! :-)
Have a good one girl!!

Faisal Admar said...

sometimes i'd advise some friends not to spend too much time in front of the pc because of the radiation and so on. but i'm not a good example though, i can't do what i've preached. LOL

BIBI said...

Well said Faisal! I know I have to much PC exposure.

Hmmmm... that may be why I have such bad eyes now. Never gave it much thought though... =}