Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Real, I Must Be Dreaming!

My little "ladies"

Ever had one of those moments in life that felt so real, looked so real, that you just had to be dreaming?!? I did.

The hubby and I like to go for walks. And since we like to walk but not on the country roads, we usually take a ride into town, walk the track at the University and then perhaps do some shopping afterwards before going home.

Well we did that this particular day, and decided to leave Tia home with the children. No biggie right?!? She always does some baby-sitting on the side to earn a few bucks.

So, the hubby and I are walking and enjoying our little time together. Usually I have my cell phone on and with me as I walk, but this particular day I decide ‘nahhh, the kids never call me so I’ll leave it in the truck’.

An hour has passed and the hubs and I are still walking. Little did I know my cell phone is ringing off the hook with Tia trying to reach me.

The hubby and I decide that we don’t need to go to the store, and take the scenic route home. I never once looked at my phone to see if the children had called or anything, I am just enjoying life and just peachy.

I get home and my front door is wide open, and Tamara is in the doorway crying. My momma sense kicks in and I immediately begin to open my door as the car is still rolling up the driveway. I would have jumped out as well if the hubby hadn’t grabbed me.

I storm into the house, ready to take on the world when I notice that all of the kids are gathered in the living room and crying. I immediately see that Trinity is not there.

“Where’s my baby?” I ask, looking at all of them and they immediately begin sobbing like they feel guilty.

I panic and look at Tia, who is by the way crying silently and looks the guiltiest of all.

“Mom, Trinity is gone.”

My mind takes a moment to register as I try to process the word ‘gone’.

“Like gone to heaven gone or just decided to walk off into the forest as if trying to runaway. And remember answer correctly because she IS only two years old”.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know who he was. He said that he came from the American Beauty contest and that he was to pick her up and take her to the station in Richmond and that …”

I put up my hand to silence her. Strangely quiet and calm I don’t realize that I am shaking. The hubby is still outside twinkling with his truck and has not come in yet. I know this because I hear this low rumble that reaches a pitch in tone, then levels out, then reaches a pitch, then levels out. Strange sound to take notice of when your child has been potentially kidnapped but hey that’s me, taking it all in.

By this time I am stuttering to make sense of my words; “Wwwhat, wwhen, and how did this happen?”

I look up and notice that my eldest son is gone and that Tamara is gone as well. I shrug guessing that they couldn’t handle it and went into their room for privacy.

Tia by this point is crying uncontrollably and I can’t console her. I can’t move. The hubs is still outside and I look out the still open front door and wonder where in the heck is my truck?

Tia comes up behind me, and has miraculously stopped crying and says; “He also took your truck.”

I slump to the floor as I have been hit with a six-pack. MY TRUCK! Who on God’s green earth would want to steal my truck? It never did anything to anybody, let alone break down and cause anyone any harm. MY TRUCK?

The hubs shows up in the doorway by now and has my cell phone in his hand.

“You missed your calls.”

“My truck is missing along with Trinity.”


“I said, that our reliable daughter here let some creep into our home, let him take Trinity on the pretense that he was from some ‘Reliable Baking Company’, and he must have stole my spare key from the bureau in the vestibule when no one was looking and decided to take my truck instead on his way out. Which by the way is weird because his car is nowhere to be seen.”

“Oh.” He looked like he was in shock. Couldn’t tell because he decided to pick up some fruit and bite into it at this point.

I then realize the magnitude of the situation and realize that my baby, my little girl is missing! Missing.

I then scream, and fall out flat on the floor. I come to and realize that Tamara is laughing. She is watching a home video tape of Trinity and laughing at the dance that she is doing. I look at the TV screen and immediately start to cry.

Meanwhile, I am crying and wanting to move but can’t and wondering all at the same time, ‘Where in the heck is the Police? The hubby should have called them by now.'

Nope he hasn’t. And that sound came back. The low rumble that goes up and down in pitch like someone is grumbling in the back of their throat.

I go outside for some fresh air, and then decide to hop in the truck to go look for Trinity. I call out to her: “Don’t worry baby, momma is gonna find you!”

I look all over the small town, crying and looking, looking and crying, picturing my daughter crying and holding and out her hands in some strangers arms waiting for me to come rescue her.

I start to drive back home as the sun sets and pull up into my driveway. There is a limo parked in our driveway and the children are surrounded around it. This guy comes out of the limo and begins to pat my son on the head. He looks strangely familiar but I can’t place him.

I park the hubby’s truck and realize that Trinity is standing with the children. I am so happy I forget to put the truck in ‘park’, I felt like a small kick in my back, and I then hop out of the truck to go see who this person is as well as figure out how my daughter came back home.

I walk up to the limo asking myself ‘who is this person?’ ‘Is he the one who stole my baby?’ ‘He is very, very familiar whoever he is’.

I get a closer look as I come upon the limo and see that the person standing in front of me is Edward. Edward as in ‘Twilight’s’ Edward.

He turns to look at me and says “Hey how’s it going?”

I had no time to reply before the rest of the Cullen family popped out of the limo all dressed in their baseball gear as if ready to play a game. And they have Jacob with them as well.

I soon forget all about Trinity missing, my truck is gone, and that the hubby for some strange reason is now making me upset because he won’t stop snoring.

“You can come on in Edward, but the rest of you have to stay outside.” They don’t look so surprised that I have said that and just go into the neighboring field and start to play ball. Without any thunder or rain clouds. They don’t need it, their lousy ball players and don’t strike not one ball.

Edward is standing in my doorway and telling me: “Come on let’s watch a movie.” I look at him and want to say ‘You know what, lets invite Emmet in and see if he wants to see the movie as well.’ But I don’t say it because I don’t want to hurt his feelings and let it be known that I think Emmet is cuter than Edward, but ah well!

Okay, I admit it I am not the brightest light bulb in the ceiling light fixture, but when I awoke from this dream I just knew that it was real. So real that I had to pinch the hubby and get Trinity’s foot out of my back as I quietly got out of bed and on the computer to jot this all down before I forgot.

Now, do you think I am weird because I dream so vividly? You decide!


Anonymous said...

I was worried for a little while with this one lol...

Your girls are gorgeous!!

SoccerMom said...

Oh my gosh I was freaking out about the baby!! Never do this to us again!! :o)

Chris said...

You scared me!!!! I was so relieved when I realized this was a dream.

Don't vivid dreams just reflect a vivid imagination? :) I think you have both. :) A good thing except for scary dreams like this! That would have been horrible!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm always grateful for truly vivid dreams. They let me lead another life for a while. Some of my dreams are much more bizarre.

Christine said...

what a vivid dream, I was glued to the ending...and very concerned for you! I think it's too much Twilight already!

Lucy said...

Had me a little freaked in the beginning then I caught on it was a wierd vivid dream. Gotta love those. I would say you have been watching that Twilight movie a little too much but thank goodness your husband's snoring crept in for some reality (lol).

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Thanks for the weekend coronary! ;)

The girls are ca-yoot!

I've had some vivid ones from time to time where I'm confused for a few minutes after waking up. Thank goodness yours ended with Trinity back home so you didn't wake up running around the house in a fright scaring your family.

carma said...

You had me soooooo stressed out. And yes, that was a vivid dream all right!! Maybe you shouldn't eat so close to bedtime; or lay off the carrot cake before bed :D

BIBI said...

Thanks Cyndi! sorry I worried you.

Yeah the girls think that are gorgeous as well! Haha.

They're divas in training!!

BIBI said...

Thanks Cyndi! sorry I worried you.

Yeah the girls think that are gorgeous as well! Haha.

They're divas in training!!

BIBI said...

Okay. Next time SoccerMom I'll tell you all it's a dream.


BIBI said...

I do believe I have a vivid imagination Chris, due to the over hype children or sleepless nights.

Well, truthfully I think it is a combo of both!

Way too much to do with too little time. =(

BIBI said...

Definitely Charles. Especially when they are good dreams and you are living the 'good' life for a while.

It also makes for good writing!

BIBI said...

You really think Christine?!? I thought after 13 times of watching the same movie I was on to something. :D

Thanks for the comment!

BIBI said...

Oh yeah Lucy the hubby's snoring never really let's me see my dreams until the end. So I was surprised when I actually finished this dream.

But I am in love with Twilight so I can't give it up. I guess I'll dream that Edward is biting me next. :D

BIBI said...

Akilah that would have scared the bejezzus out of everyone if I woke up screaming.

I've actually had some dreams where I thought that I've finished cleaning something but hadn't and have been thoroughly surprised the next day.

I've also have gone shopping in my dream and woke up anticipating a certain something only to be disappointed.

So I guess you can say my weirdness goes way beyond my psyche.

Hey! do you think that this would be a good topic for my shrink?!?

BIBI said...

Carma! How did you know I had carrot cake before bed?!? Hahahaha.

My comments follow me and I talk waaaay too much.

Thanks for the comment!

Sheri said...

O.O Good writing, and very vivid dream indeed! I was worried about Trinity too, and then when Edward and the Cullens appeared I was like OH!!! Another Twilight dreamer out there too! hehe. I've had dreams about them all too. :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...


That dream must have given you the chills. It might have been some kind of insight ... something that will alter your future decisions - who knows.

Mrs.GB said...

Realistic dreams are the ones that frighten me! When I explain my dreams it usually sounds like "We were at our house, but it wasn't our house. You know?" So when the places actually look like the real thing, it's scary! And I always have bad dreams when I am super stressed!

And I totally thought you were telling a real story at first!!

There's something for you on my blog.

Kelly said...

OH GOD! I was freaking out! Great post!

BIBI said...

Haha Sheri! I know EXACTLY what you mean.

Thanks for your comment!

BIBI said...

Yes Speedcat- this dream has definitely altered my decisions for the near future. I have decided not to let the kids out of my sight.


Thanks for your comment!

BIBI said...

Thanks Heather- Yes vivid dreams are too real and often scary and sometimes don't even make sense. They are also scarier when you are super stressed as was my case.

Thanks for the award, and your comment!

BIBI said...

Thanks Kelly. When you dream it and it is soooo real you can only report it as such.

I am also glad that it WAS NOT true. :)

Have a good one girl!

Brenda Susan said...

OK, Next time give us some WARNING that it is a dream because this was not an enjoyable read, it had me stressing for you!
Now my heart can relax back to where it was before I came here. :0

BIBI said...

Sorry Brenda girl. I promise nothing so scary would appear on my blog again!
Tehehehehe =)

Tina said...

Oh my, you totally had me scared with this one. My heart is still beating fast.