Friday, November 7, 2008

Being a champion is all well and good but you can not eat a crown.

I need to review my week. While it was fun it was none the less the most exciting and tiring week I have experienced in a long time.

I will start about the new President -elect Obama. I, as a American citizen, will try my best to support the new President-elect, but I also pray that he delivers on his promises.

I was hoping Susan Lucci would not be voted off DWTS's but all well. If you don't vote you don't count. (Citing personal reasons, I made a vow not to vote on dancing with the stars this year despite being a obsessed fan of the show since it began).

I wish I was at Oprah's voting party. I never went to an Oprah show, but one day my generous husband will take me there for an anniversary surprise. (It's been almost ten years honey!).

Last night Grey's Anatomy was awesome!! It is about time that someone got on the residents and interns for their apparent lack of respect and always bickering over patients. The practice dummy was incredible and I have had similar experiences with such a dummy in nursing school and a practical joker for a teacher.

Anyway it is now Friday night and all I am interested in is watching these sappy movies on Hallmark movie channel. (Love Hallmark but right now I've watched the same movie three times already).

This week I also learned a new word: ECLECTIC . The reason I chose this word because it has something to do with my music choices. If you've seen my library on my media player you would ask what does she really like? I like all kinds of music and certain ones strike me for certain occasions. (I'll write a blog about it one day).

Anyway, eclectic means Made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources.
I think it's a cool word especially in this historic week.

We are indeed an eclectic society and steadily trying to work together to make a better society for us all (I hope).

Every voice counts, every viewpoint is important, and being open to change is what makes a wonderful society or an Utopian society.

We are only just beginning to scratch the surface and one day our future generation will appreciate our efforts to make a better world. I hope.

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dee =^.^= said...

thank you so much for you comment on the poem i posted. i'm glad you liked it. thanks again.