Saturday, November 22, 2008

When I see the word ‘Twilight’ I think of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Okay, as you can see I am not a ‘Twilight’ fan. I want to be, but I haven’t read the book as of yet. It may be because I am a big chicken when it comes to vampires. I can’t watch vampire movies, I can’t stand vampire costumes and I definitely can’t bring myself to even read about them. But you can’t rule me out yet. I did put the book ‘Twilight’ on my Shelfari shelf (check it out below) as a book I plan to read. (I get an A+ for effort) I know my newly sixteen year old is ready to read it. (If ever the library will stop lending it out).

I am also a little bummed out about the inauguration. I WANT TO GO!!! Okay, I know I sound like a whiny baby, but I do want to go. Plus, it’ll be an educational trip for my children. :-) Can you imagine being there watching Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States? It is not only history in the making but amazing just being able to witness something as remarkable that a black man will one day lead our country. A country that once had slaves, a country that not only barred blacks from voting but hosed them down or turned the dogs on them if they wanted to eat at the same lunch counter as them. This is so amazing and unbelievable. I still think that sometimes I will wake up and someone will say it was all a dream. But people’s enthusiasm is really hitting home hard. Did you hear that they named a school after Barack Obama? And he is also choosing Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State.

Okay, when Hilary was running I did want to vote her in the office, but I was a little wary as to what kind of job she would do. It could have been because I loved her husband so much. (I’m talking big crush here). Any who, I knew I wasn’t voting Republican this year, and I just knew that maybe a woman would do a better job than what these men did. I was all about WOMAN POWER! But, I think I breathed a deep sigh of relief when Hilary didn’t win the primary. I didn’t consciously do it, but it was more internal. I was hoping that Barack would win, but my belief in men running the country properly was worn out so thin that any woman would have done. (I know what you are thinking but Palin NEVER had a chance for my vote). McCain maybe, Palin hell no!

Anyway, anyone and anybody who reads my blog know I am a big TV junkie. (I will join a 12-step program one of these days I promise!). So you know my week of television review would include Grey’s Anatomy. Big bodonkadonk: Izzie is seeing dead people! Not people, but just Denny the guy she was to marry in season two. He’s back.

I think sometimes we need ghosts to remind us that we are living. It does no good when you can touch them, so I’m totally not getting the touching part in the story line but that’s Shonda Rhimes story, not mine. I think having ghosts around can remind us of what and why life is such a blessing. We need that someone in our life that will make us realize that life is worth living (If they are worth hanging around with). Not to be able to be with our loved ones is pretty tragic. And I wonder how it is on the other side as well. Not that I am looking to find out anytime soon!

Any who, the whole episode was really good and I was so proud that Alex was showing some kind of compassion. As I think of it, perhaps Denny showed up because Izzie was in need of some companionship. Plus she seemed to get a good lay out of it!

I also watched Oprah this week and the beauty tips from around the world were pretty interesting. Drinking Collagen in Japan, hair weaves from India, fat, divorced, with stretch marks is beautiful in Mauritania, the average weight for a woman in Brazil is 110-125 lbs, and Iran is the nose-job capitol of the world! Pretty informative and very enlightening. I never would have guessed at these beauty cliché in other countries.

Well you guys, keep it light and have fun this weekend!

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