Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America the beautiful!

Well, well, well America. It looks like the world will now have a different opinion of the U.S.A.
Tomorrow I will wake my children up to a different world, a world where I can now honestly tell them that one day they too can become President.
We have now rose to the challenge and stated to the world that we are ready to hold our head high and get rid of old prejudices. We can now embrace the future and hope for a better tomorrow.
America we saw a gracious John McCain concede to the President-elect Barack Obama.
America we saw a gracious President-elect Barack Obama calm our fears for the future ahead and stood there telling us that the American dream is for real.
Good morning America, because today begins a new chapter in American history.

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dee =^.^= said...

thanks for deciding to follow my blog. i'm grateful. and am so glad that Obama was elected. i cried during his speech