Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grey's Anatomy is not so predictable as I thought.

Okay, I'm a TV junkie. I admit it and I am not ashamed. (I am also a junk food addict but we'll discuss that another time).

So my discussion is about Grey's anatomy tonight, and rumors have been swirling that Dr. Han is leaving. Oh well, it wasn't going to work between Kallie and her anyway.

I wonder what Meredith will find in her mother's diaries. Will she regret what she reads? She will ponder it but I am quite sure she will work McDreamys' nerves raw or will she? Derrick seems to like Merediths' constant barrage of questions and uncertainty. I think it makes him feel more 'manly' that Meredith is so dependent on his opinion. (Men are such sensitive souls ;-).

Anyhow, It is now 8:06 P.M. and I have to get up and watch Ugly Betty or Survivor. (PIP is so great).

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