Monday, November 17, 2008

#1 on My Christmas list, I want to be sixteen again!!

Good Monday Bloggers!
It has been a very busy weekend for me. I had the honor and privilege to host eight squealing and giggly girls over the weekend for my eldest daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday bash. (Okay never mind that she turned sixteen two weeks ago. You gotta do these things when money does become available). Anywho, she had initially invited 15 girls, then the list was cut to 10 and then only 7 showed up. (mean girls, and I thought they were her friends).

My daughter was the bell of the ball and she really put on a show. Family was there and my daughter’s friends. We had the initial party party in the conference room of the local Comfort Inn, and then we took the rest of the party to the reserved hotel rooms for the slumber party. (They were adjoined rooms where the girls could have lots of space to run from one room to the other). I never saw my daughter so lit up and she loved being the center of attention. The theme was formal wear, and she took pics with every girl as they came to the party. Of course it was girls only. Even though my daughter is sixteen, she still believes that boys are kinda creepy and they were not invited. (Blame this on a recent bad break-up).

To see my daughter having such a good time reminded me of when I was sixteen and the party I didn’t have.

My mom and I were not on speaking terms. (???) We lived on the west coast 1,000 miles away from my dad, and my grandmother. So my mother’s so-called friends took me out and sort of surprised me for a little dinner at the local Sizzlers’. (Any of you West coast people still know if that restaurant is still in existence, please let me know). Anywho, it was not too bad. Besides not talking to my mom, the women did try to make me feel wanted and loved, but there is nothing like a mother who will acknowledge your existence and speak to you.

Come to think of it, I don’t want to be sixteen again. That age sucked for me. I totally was not rebellious or in anyway disrespectful, but I did lack the confidence to see that I was not a bad person. Some people say that being a teenager was fun and exciting for them, but I can’t totally look back and say that they were ‘the best years of my life’.

However; I will enjoy the life that I have now, and count my blessing that life has led me here thus so far. I am truly gratefully and feel totally blessed.

Well, with that said, good day or good evening to you all. And to all of you DWTSs and Heroes fans; happy viewing tonight!!


dee =^.^= said...

you know what..i always want to put a book of poems together but noboday really makes money off poetry anymore so that has squashed my hopes.

Judas_Iscariot_79 said...

I have to agree. I would never in a million years want to be 16 again. And I wouldn't want to be 18 again, or 21, or really any age from my past. Life gets better the longer you're in it, and the more you live and gain experience the richer it becomes. Sometimes I think I wish I could go back and do things differently, but then I realize if I did that, the good things I do have may be gone.