Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CODE NAME: Momma. MISSION: Strap those kids in. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Did I ever mention that I have seven kids? No?!? Um okay. Whatever.

It’s really nothing to it these days. Feed ‘em, bathe ‘em, love ‘em, send them to bed, and be done with it.

Nah, all kidding aside I enjoy each and every one of those little critters that have misshapen my vajayjay 7 times. Yes, 7 natural births people!

Anywho, the girls rule in my house. Really. I grunted out five girls and two big headed boys. Now if you count my hubby and then me the girls outweigh the boys 2:1. (That’s a ratio. If it is not correct shoot me, cause math sucks).

Their ages and *names I’ll provide. Really. Believe me if anyone tries to track them down to take them they’ll return them in 22 seconds flat! No kidding! My kids are rough and tumble down to earth countree! The mountain air will do that to ya!

Well lets see: There is Tia 16the actress/pop princess”, Theo 14the wiseman”, Tiana 13the technician”, Tisha 11the instigator” , Taj 8 Mr. Miyagi”, Tamara 6the trouble-maker”, and Trinity “the princess” is 2 years old. I know it’s a big name for a little girl, but let’s face it; babies are little people with big demands. Really.

I am literally the referee, teacher, disciplinarian, chef, dishwasher, arbitrator, entertainer, news caster, weather woman, laundress, seamstress, problem solver, remote-control handler, chauffer, penny-pincher, usher, shopper, story reader, storyteller, doctor, nurse, counselor, and the comforter. My hubby works two jobs to support us. He got off easy. Stupid males.

Well, that about sums up my life in a nutshell. I told my husband if we were to ever have anymore children we’d have to move into a shoe cause I’d literally be the little old woman who wouldn’t know what to do. (FYI: the momma factory IS closed).

I never knew that I’d be a mother of such a tribe. Literally. I grew up in New York City (Brooklyn), and I’d see so many mother’s on the east side struggling with their children and being so rough with them and looking so tired. I vowed I’d never be one of those women. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. Yes I’ve eaten my share of shoes. No really. My Nikes are missing.

Anywho, just a shout out to you fellow bloggers. Thanks for all of your comments. Keep ‘em coming. I am so bored and I need an adult to talk to.

Well, I am off to settle another argument. Trouble-maker and Mr. Miyagi are at it again. No really.

* All the names have been changed cause if anyone attempts to take my critters I'll drop kick them in a heartbeat. Never mind that I don't know Karate, I know Karazy!!!


The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh my my, it took hubby 6 years to convince me that having another was a good idea and I agreed only after he begged for me to carry it because he couldn't! LoL

*Akilah Sakai* said...

The Mind of a Mom,
That's too funny. Tee-hee!

Wow! Nice spacing with the ages. My mom has 7 as well. SIX girls in a row till she finally popped out a boy. I think she went just a little overboard in trying to have a boy...just a little bit. LOL! And all natural deliveries as well.

I was sure I'd have her luck, so I just knew the sonogram tech was going to say it's another girl. But, I got a boy! I'm starting to get the itch for a 3rd.

Mr. Bill said...

Stupid males?? Sounds like he's thinking right, holding down two jobs. :)

My dad held down 2 jobs, also. Plus the bowling team, golf outings, some V.A. charity work, Boy Scouts... He was on to something, too. Mom raised 3 boys and girl, so she wasn't as busy as you.

Good luck to you! I'll be checking in to laugh, er, see how you're doing.

BIBI said...

Thanks for the comments guys.
You all have no idea how nice it is to communicate with people with the same ADULT intellect. (no hubby is at work)! I swear if I have to watch and hear that purple dinosaur skip across my screen and sing one more blasted you'll hear me scream. Really.

Heather said...

I would LOVE to have a big family like that. But right now we are waiting until we can start working on number one.

Chris said...

SEVEN!!! Wow! That is impressive!

I wanted just ONE more after my three and just couldn't take it. SEVEN. I just can't get over it!

You are an amazing woman!!!

Sheri said...

Wow! 7 kids! You are a super-mom for real. I can't wait till I one day have just one, or maybe two. I do first need a husband though.. lol Anyways, thanks for your comment on my recent blog post. I actually joined It is a FREE website that features basically what weightwatchers online does (but um FREE) and much more. Check it out. I've lost about 17 lbs since August on it. Not doing too much either, but enough to lose that yay! Let me know if you join and I'll add you as a Spark Buddy. :)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey BiBi

I am giving you the letter "G" :o)
I was temped to do P for that purple dino but I thought that might send you over the edge! LoL
When the girl was old enough I gave away all the purple dino tapes, they could not be gone fast enough. Hang in there it's almost Dora time! hahahaha

BIBI said...

Thanks everyone.

I'll join the club and lose some weight Sheri.Don't forget to add me as a spark buddy :)
The Mind of a Mom, I'm sooo looking forward to Dora. This time it's hubby's turn to watch it with them.Thanks again for the letter.