Friday, December 5, 2008

I got a letter!!!

Here’s a shout out to 'The Mind of a Mom' who gave me a letter. She is playing an online game and I asked to participate. I got the letter ‘G’ and I’m suppose to write 10 things about my life using the letter ‘G’.

Here it goes! Enjoy!

Girls: I birthed five of them. Ages 16, 13, 11, 6, and 2. There is never a dull moment with them around. They all have thick hair which always manages to swallow the comb whenever I try to wrestle with it.

Goldfish: I had sixteen of them in the last 3 years. I adore goldfish, especially when they get big and fat and they seem to ask you for their food in the morning. If I could afford a bigger aquarium I’d buy more. However, my aquarium is empty now. They never want to stay with me. I guess they like goldfish heaven so much that can’t wait to get there soon as I bring them to my house.

Good: I like good things. Good people, food, politics, co-workers, days, music, furniture, husbands, movies, books, children, pets (if I had any) and a good cup of tea. I drink two cups of green tea a day.

Google: This search engine is a life saver! If it wasn’t for school I think I would have taken out an ad looking for “a good friend to share a few laughs with”. But I found you cool guys and I am thoroughly enjoying the company. With Google set as my homepage I can search, and search, and search, and still never find anything. But that’s okay, I found some cool people to hang out with over the net.

Grades: Since I am a student I guess I should include this in my list. However, my grades aren’t that important. It’s my children who are in school who make the good grades (I do okay). They’re all on the honor roll! (They have inherited that from MY side of the family)!!

Gray: I hate the color gray!!! I wear grey sweats at home all the time. I have a gray koala bear that sleeps with me when the hubby is in the doghouse. I have three gray hairs in the front of my hairline. I hate the color gray!

Grapes: Be they purple, red, green, or seedless I love ‘em. They are one of the first fruits that I ate when I first regained my ability to speak after falling out of the top bunk as a child. I wouldn’t eat or talk for three days after I fell. (Hmmmmm… I remember my mom having a lot more gray hairs after that particular episode as well).

Green: I love the color green. My bedroom has green carpet. I also have a green momma mini van. I sometimes lie in the green grass and enjoy the aroma (my allergies however hate me for that). I love St. Patty’s day because of all the green. I love when my children wear green clothes. The only time that I don’t like green is when it’s the shade of one of my critters face and they want to ‘show-off’ what they ate for dinner the night before.

Grey’s Anatomy: It’s my favorite T.V show! I can’t get enough of it. I guess it helps to be in the right field of study huh? Anyway, I will buy the complete set on DVD one day, and cozy up with the gray koala and a cup of green tea.

Groceries: They are in abundance at my house. If we are down to one gallon of milk the critters start acting like a great biblical famine is about to hit. However, I do enjoy a good 18 mile trip to the grocery store. I love shopping for food and being greeted by a door greeter who frowns and points me to an empty cart only to discover that its someone else’s cart with their child still in it! I love pinching the melons and thumping the tomatoes to see if they are ripe. I love seeing the egg cartons, and when I open them I love watching the slimy yolk drip from the broken shell and onto my new shoes. I love seeing spills in the isles and the slovenly maintenance crew step over the mess. But my biggest fantasy is to go shopping, filling up two or three carts, and a rich philanthropist is right behind me and offers to pay for my grocery bill.

Just the groceries. The other stuff I can handle. I think.


Christine said...

Hello Bibi, it's nice to learn a bit about you, you sound like a cool person. (And a busy one!)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Bibi

You did a "G"reat job! I am a huge Grey's fan also. If I am not going to be home to see it I will PVR (Tivo) it!
When I saw goldfish I first thought of the crackers right away, I had to re-read the post... LoL ~ I think I need to get out more!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Cool! You had a lot of fun with G!!

Sheesh! The fall off that bunk must have been awful!

Mr. Bill said...

Good: Husbands, plural? Hmmmmmm.

One could read something into that.


Clarity said...

I adore this list, a mom to five girls!? hats off! You are truly an incredible woman.

BIBI said...

Awww shucks Mr.Bill. You found out my secret! *SHHHH* it's just between you and me! ;)

Thanks everyone for your comments!