Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Pocketful of Wishes.

Do you realize that after this weekend there are only 2 more weekends to shop before the big day?

Exactly 17 days until Christmas. Or Xmas. Whichever one you prefer.

I prefer the name: “family coming over talking louder than the next person and drinking too much of grandmother’s eggnog day”. In other words that would be abbreviated ‘FCOTLTNPDTMGED’.

If I said THAT out loud you’d think I was having a stroke.

But it’s true; my family is a loud and boisterous bunch. But I love them just the same. They’re from the south, but most of them migrated to the north during the sixties. That’s how I came to be raised in N.Y.C.

Why’d I come back to the south, obviously not my choice, but its home.

Anywho, this list is just in time for the holidays. I was going to send it to the ‘big guy’ in the North Pole, but I think he’s kind of busy. So I’d let you fellow bloggers read it instead.

#1. I wish to stick to my New Year’s resolution this year. I plan to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Until I had children, my idea of exercise was snoring in time to the music.

#2. I wish to fulfill a wish at the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation. I’ve been donating to this charity since 2004 and it’s a wonderful idea. I think it’s cool to make a child smile.

#3. I wish to learn how to swim. I would say I’m sort of a hydrophobic but I think it’s the amount of water that’s intimidating. Of course, I’ll begin lessons in the summer when the temp is much warmer, so I have essentially six months to make up my mind if I want to learn how to drown properly.

#4. I wish that I could sign a paper to take of leave of absence from housework. That request would be put in one day before our household’s annual ‘closet cleaning day’.

#5. I wish that potty training came automatically to children. Especially since I am potty training ‘the princess’ right now. I’m tired of stumbling onto new “surprises” every time I dust a new corner of the house that I‘ve ignored for several months.

#6. I wish that when I am laying snuggly in bed in the morning, that someone would get up and use the bathroom for me. I hate a cold toilet seat on the warm buttocks in the morning.

#7. I wish I could start my Junior High years all over again. This time I would have the option to start one subject, any subject of my choice, for one WHOLE school year. That first subject would be lunch.

#8. I wish I could be a vegetarian. I think killing animals is murder. Tasty murder.

#9. I wish I could change positions with my ob-gyn when he says this will only hurt for a moment. That way he’d know how it really feels to be in my place when someone is sticking something in his little hole ‘down there’.

#10. I wish everyone who reads this blog has had a wonderful weekend. I hope the holiday spirit has kicked into full gear ‘cause we still have a full 17 days of crowded shopping malls, people pushing you, crowded subways, people stepping on your feet, kids whining that they want to go home, store clerks who sell you broken merchandise, walking 20 blocks in blistery weather, and planning that get-together for relatives that only come to your house when there is food involved.

Don’t you just love the Holidays?


The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Bibi

I am so with you on #6!!
I hope all your wishes come true, and that you have a great holiday in 17days :o)

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Loved, LOVED this blog post!

Seriously, I loved every single word of it! You are a hoot!

Sheri said...

Great wishes! I hope you have a great Christmas too :)

Sheri said...

Oh, also add me as a friend on spark. My name on there is "starry943" :)

Christine said...

#6 is my favourite also, but I love them all. That's a great idea, to think of your wishes.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Two weeks?? AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

It should be common sence, but I really did not realize the holidays were that close (sigh)

I love Christmas so much - and get to see family I miss most of the year. Shopping? .... not so much :-)

Hi from Minnesota!

BIBI said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

A shout out to Speedcat Hollydale. Hi from Virginia!