Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bring on the 'da noise; bring on 'da funk!

The hubby is in a funky mood. As a matter of fact, he’s been that way since we came back from PA. Maybe his blood sugar is low, who knows?!?

What I do know is that we woman are not the only ones who PMS once a month.

But seriously, maybe he is missing his home town, or mom, or sibs. Personally I think he misses his old haunts and childhood friends. I’ve tried asking him but he has his imaginary wall up. And with a wall 6 feet tall, I won’t be climbing over it anytime soon to see what’s on the other side.

So right now I’m letting him have his own way, and when he wants to ‘disagree’ to prove a point, I just let him have at it as long as he doesn’t step over the line or push any of my buttons. Plus it’s amazing to see the looks on the kid’s faces as he attempts to argue without a willingly participant. Nothing says ‘cuckoo’ than a person caught arguing with themselves and answering their own questions as they do so. I never realized how noisy he can be when he is trying to prove his point.

However, I DID have a good time getting away for a while, but there really is “no place like home”. Thanks Dorothy!

While in Philadelphia, I did discover that:

I ) The stores, malls, shopping centers or what have you were very crowded. It was every man for himself, and people didn’t mind pushing you out of the way to get what they wanted. And I thought country people were aggressive!

II ) The F.A.O. Schwartz in Macy’s is overrated. My living room is bigger and has much more toys.

III ) Yes, the taller the buildings are the more clothes people take off and stand in the window. People of all shapes and sizes. I’ve had nightmares for the last 4 nights.

IV ) City traffic is overrated. There ARE some courteous people in Philadelphia.

V ) I haven’t realized that since I started this diet how greedy I really was. The variety of restaurants to choose from is overwhelming. My eyes actually welled up with tears outside of a ‘Crown Fried Chicken’. That is how much I missed eating things that I liked. (Crown Fried Chicken is like KFC, except tastier).

VI ) You can still see the division amongst most of the city dwellers and especially in their neighborhoods. Everyone seems to stick to their own part of town. Who draws these invisible lines anyway?

VII ) I wasn’t mugged while there. However; it was the holidays and everyone kinda sorta seemed to be in a jovial mood. I did keep my fingers crossed, and kept my eyes out for seedy looking people. (Which is hard, because with my paranoia, everyone looks seedy!)

VIII ) Yes, some individuals still do talk loud enough and everyone on the street can hear them. And their not even using a cell phone!

IX ) No jaywalking! People there love their crosswalks. Only they cross and walk in front of your ‘fast and approaching to catch the yellow light car’.

X ) Everyone likes a good party. It seems that the whole city was out to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Ok, so… there wasn’t no ball to drop, but the fireworks were still nice.

XI ) I never realized that my hubby was a true live comedian. He said something so funny to me that my stomach still hurts from thinking about it. He wanted me to DRIVE in Philly to the local market. ME? DRIVE? In a city that I am so unfamiliar with? Philly with their narrow streets and double parked cars?!? Hey, I’ll drive in NYC ‘cause it is at least familiar, but Philly? No siree, not this chick! Plus I have grown so used to trees and shrubbery being my landmarks that I’ll probably get lost going around the corner. PSST… the hubby hated being the chauffeur, but I enjoyed every bit of the ride.

XIV ) DON’T BLOCK THE BOX” I’ve seen this sign all over Philly. Of course, ‘ole naiveté me had no idea what the heck that meant until the car in front of us blocked the box and some people walked past hitting the top his car. I told you Philadelphian's love their crosswalks!

So all in all, I really enjoyed the trip. I missed home a bit and noticed the tension level in my neck dissipated. Perhaps getting away for a while did do me some good. Or maybe it was the chauffeuring, or the restaurants that I couldn’t get enough of.

What ever the case, it was good to wake up in my own bed Saturday morning.



*Akilah Sakai* said...

"III ) Yes, the taller the buildings are the more clothes people take off and stand in the window. People of all shapes and sizes. I’ve had nightmares for the last 4 nights.

LOL! Glad you had a good time.

Chris said...

What an awesome trip! I loved all your stories! Of course, now I never want to go to Philly! I'm a country girl, I'm afraid (or at least less than 50,000 people!) :)

Poor hubby. Hope he feels better about whatever it is that is bothering him! You deserve the AMAZING WIFE award! :)

Brenda Susan said...

That sounds like quite an adventure! I agree with you on city driving, I am near San Francisco & I adamantly refuse to drive in that city! Compared to my little town with limited street lights, too crazy. I love your blog, you are so funny & real.

Christine said...

Your hubby does sound a bit homesick. Thanks for all the funny Philly tips.

BIBI said...

Thanks you guys for the comments. You surely know how to raise a girls spirits.

Akilah, thanks for the comment. I did have a good time!

Chris, if they ever hand out that kid of award I will travel to Timbuktu to get it.

Brenda, it was an adventure as you know there is never a dull in my household. Whether we are home or not. :)

Christine, You know I never thought of it that way. Homesick? Okay. It's a good thing that I didn't drop kick him for his snippy attitude.
*Guys I'm only kidding, I'll never HIT my husband. Get on his nerves, YES, but never hit. :0)*

The Mind of a Mom said...

I can vouch for #1 from the Canadian prospective. We love P-A! Lots of stores and no taxes ~ how sweet it is! Oh yes we have don't block the box! I don't know about there but here it is a big fine for doing so.
So for hubby you can call this the early golden years, they all loose their minds at some point and expect us to find it for them! It happened to mine that is how I know...LoL

Sheri said...

Glad you had a good time! :) P.S. - I tagged ya with an award. :)

BIBI said...

Thanks Sheri. You'll see it poted soon.