Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unresolution: Keep doing the things that I like!

This is the time of year when I think that people should make their New Year's resolutions, but that's only my opinion. However; I will do something better than that this year.

If you define a resolution it is usually something that you want to change about yourself, something you've done wrong in the past that you want to start doing right.


I personally think that I would do better if I made unresolutions. I will make a list of things that I've been doing and I'd like to keep doing. Who needs all of that negativity just after the holidays? Times are rough, why would I make them any more harder for myself? Especially on the most favorite person that I adore the most in the world? ME!

Unresolution #1
I am always on the computer. I play games, blog, search, read, download, and educate myself on the many wonders of the computer. It is the best friend of mine among the electronic gadgets (right after the TV), and doesn't mind me abusing it and keeping it running for hours on end. Now, if only I could get it to talk back to me, I could stop bugging the hubby for some more stimulating conversations.

Unresolution #2
I talk to strangers. I wave to strangers. I talk and wave to strangers and they learn more about my life than my own momma ever will. I do think that I got this trait from my momma however, who always turned a small shopping trip to the corner grocery into a family reunion of sorts. Ohh, she always talked to the store manager, the cashier, and the bagger who always wanted a tip. I grew up in a strange environment. However; it would turn every grocery trip into a little party. A party with lots of strangers, a cash register, and plenty of groceries.

I make too little food at dinner time. Or so my children say so. I think they say that 'cause they want an excuse to be in the kitchen and cook some more after eating. Awww well, at least I never have dishes at night. They can handle that. I think.

Unresolution #4
I wear flat shoes at all the time. I've been known to wear flip-flops in 30 degree weather. That's how much I LOVE flats. The only time I am rarely 1/2" off the ground is when I am wearing sneakers. And I only pop those suckers on when I'm running after Tamara.

Unresoultion #5
I love books. I love to read. I love to buy and read books. Books of all shapes, sizes, and topics. They overflow my bookshelves and my nightstand and sometimes outta nowhere they climb right into bed with me, right on the hubby's side of the bed. Of course, when he asks me I tell him I have no idea how those 2 dozen books managed to climb onto the bed and make themslves comfortable on his side of the bed. To me, having plenty of books to read is like traveling without baggage claim. There will never be any pages lost as long as you have your trusty bookmark and reading glasses. If your into that sort of thing.

I don't hug my teens often. It like their is a hidden rule with teens simply stated; "give me space and don't hug me." I want to, but they keep giving me the eye whenever I approach them with outstretch arms. So now maybe you understand why I am always at the computer.

I don't talk to my immediate family on a daily basis. I have so much to do and so little time in which to do it, that it's hard to update them on a daily basis on the small, teeny changes that do happen in my life. But hey, when they do come and visit every so often, it's like a surprise party. And who doesn't like to be surprised?

Unresolution #8
I prefer to sleep alone most nights. Hubby thinks otherwise. So then if I am really not in the mood for touchy feely all night long then I start playing games 2 hours before bedtime. Hubby HATES the 'guess what mood I'm in?' game. Believe it or not it's a real turn off and I get to sleep alone. Well at least I get to wear flannel to bed and cuddle with my grey Koala bear without any funny stares.

I don't attend any church, synagoue or mosque. I believe I am a spiritual being having a human experience instead of a human being trying to be spiritual. I have nothing against religion mind you, I just prefer to worship on my own terms.

Unresolution #10
I sleep with my TV on. I know I don't get to see much with watching the back of my eyelids for a good 6-8 hours, but dang-it if I don't feel as if I know all of what's going on in the world after a good nights sleep. This way I figure, I never miss a thing and can't no one catch me by surprise. I already heard it on TV while I was sleep.

In the end, our own personal happiness is about figuring out what makes us feel the most like ourselves, and living that way. To hell with what anybody else thinks.

So when you are making a list of resolutions, please make some unresolutions as well.

I think it will be a happier New Year if you do!

Of course, that's only my opinion.


Leon Basin said...

That was a great post! How are you doing? I posted your award on my blog! Thank You!!!:)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Bibi
Happy New Year!
Oh my gosh @2 is so me! I will talk to anyone anywhere! anytime! My family says it is the sales rep in me so!
I hope you resolve all your stuff! :o)
Happy Weekend

Sheri said...

What great UNresolutions! :) I love flip-flops too by the way. I grew up by the beach in FL though so it was a fashion staple. hehe

BIBI said...

Your welcome Leon! And I'm doing fine, just great and getting ready to embrace 2009.

Sheri, you've have got to be my long lost sister. NONE of my sisters wear flip flops, just me!

Mom, we'll meet up sometime and have a reunion at the grocery store. :-)

Happy New Year to you all!

Christine said...

Way to go with your unresolutions, why not? Great idea. We have too many things that we have to do these days, instead of what we WANT to do.

BIBI said...

Thanks Christine.

I figuired, why stop what I've always do and add MORE stuff to do. I like me just the way I am. But maybe a few pounds lighter. ;-P

Sara said...

Great idea. You're more likely to follow those!

BIBI said...

Thanks Sara. I will try. It's not hard though, because I won't be making too much of a change. ;-P

Heather said...

Thank you for your comment! I loved the book. I am actually in the middle of Patricia Cornwell's 'Kay Scarpetta' series. Love that too. But these Iris Johansen books were lended to me, so I wanted to get them back right away. It's not "fine literature" but I love 'em! The holidays were great, but I am glad for things to settle down now!

Hope you had great Holidays. I don't ever do resolutions, but I LOVE the idea of your unresolutions! Sometimes we forget to pat ourselves on the back every once in a while! Great post.

Sheri said...

P.S. - You have been tagged!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Fab-u-lous BIBI!

What a great idea!

I am #1 all the way! I'm always on the computer and I always will be...forever and ever. LOL!

My mom is #2. This woman can strike up a conversation with anyone and at any time, even "people" such as Mrs. Butterworth!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

#1 and #2 sound VERY familiar. I think people are just to reserved and cold now days. I grew up in a small town where you always talked to everyone. I retained that, and it seems to catch people off gaurd ... "in a good way"

I talk with everyone, everywhere I go. A smile and a hello can mean a lot sometimes.

Internet?? ... where do I start?
My original agenda is always broken, and I follow links, search out questions, and get completly lost from my news page. One story leads to the next and all of a sudden an hour passed. "I WAS GOING TO POST SOMETHING"
Commenting is the same. I have never been able to follow a daily list of reads like some people. For instance, I am here after reading your nice comment on my last post. That's just my way I guess .... very erratic and random. I like chaos, and hate routine.

anyhoo - Hello from Hollydale!!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

ohhh shucks - I can't read my comment for errors!

Scrap the moderation ((((smile smile))))

..... a reunion at the grocery store???

Speedcat Hollydale said...


BIBI said...

Hello to you as well Speedy!
Thanks! You are a jewel! :-)