Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tag you're it...!

Recently, (yeah about two weeks ago) I received this interview tag from Kylie. I am just now getting to it because I either have writers block or severe ADD. And I hope it is the former ‘cause I don’t feel like being on meds and laying around all day.

It’s really simple; just five questions to answer and then you are done. It really is no tagging just a request from anyone who wants to participate. So email me and I send you a slew of questions (what! you thought you would get off easy with BIBI?), and then just post them and tell the blogging world where you got them from. Oh yeah! link to their blog as well. Have fun and enjoy!

  1. Why did you start your blog and where do you get your inspiration for posts?

I started this blog on August 28, 2008. I needed someone to talk to since the hubby is not so loquacious and rarely does he let me get a verb in edgewise. So I started searching the web and happened upon blogs. I heard of them before but I thought it was only for famous people, because I only heard of like ‘Rosie’s’ blog and ‘freakanomics’, so I didn’t even try. But I gave it a shot that day and have been happily blogging since then. My inspiration definitely comes from my crazy, unpredictable, hilarious, wonderful children. There is never a dull moment in the BIBI household!

  1. What is one thing in your past that you are either embarrassed or ashamed to admit?

Last week (Saturday) I hit a dog. I was so upset that I stopped in the middle of the two lane highway to town with cars and SUV’s zooming by. The owner came out when it got hit and I shouted a sobbing “I’M SOOOO SORRY!” He turned to me with a sad look on his face that I will never forget and just nodded his head. I’ll never be the same. Now if a squirrel looks as if it is attempting to play chicken in the road I’m STOPPING no matter what. I’m more sad and hurt that it happened then embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. Plus no one wants to hear any of my God awful stories of ‘oh! I’m so embarrassed, but I’m going to tell you anyway’ tales.

  1. Is there anyone that you would like to go the rest of your life without having to speak to or deal with, but can’t because of what ever reason?

Yeah!! The EX. We had children together and sometimes we need to communicate but I haven’t spoken to him since November. Which, to tell you the truth, might be a good thing. I despise the man and I have to put on a happy face in front of the children as if I still like him. So I have to convince myself that it’s for the greater good, and then plan my day around being nice to that SOB when he comes around. Life is too funny. They say if you want to hear God laugh, just tell him what you have planned. Her stomach must hurt when she looks at me.

  1. What is your best High School memory?

What good memory? That part of my life is in such a blur. I just remember being glad to get home and eat something.

  1. What is your best memory in your adult life?

When my oldest (Tia) was born. She was two months before she started to gaze at me and then one day she actually smiled at me for the first time. The doc said it was gas, I beg to differ. When I have gas I definitely don’t smile like that at anyone, unless it is a rude person in the aisle at the supermarket. I let loose then, and then smile while walking past and watch them gag. Anyskittle, after she smiled at me, I felt 10’ tall that day. At that moment and to this day I adore that girl. And she IS a good girl!

Yes I am biased when it comes to my children but that is just like a momma!


Kylie said...

Awww. So sweet! Great answers! Thanks for playing along!!

And, don't worry about your last comment for me...I am ok with my loss now. I just can't help but miss him! Wasn't he just gorgeous!!xoxo

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Great post! Sorry you hit a dog, BIBI. I hit a squirrel and felt bad, but a dog would mortify me. You'll be alright.

Gassing people at supermarkets? Bwahahahahaha!!!

AnneNguyen said...

omg i dont know if i could ever live with myself if i hit a dog =(..

Christine said...

sorry to hear about the dog, Bibi, so traumatic. Well, if the dog ran into the road, it wasn't your fault really.

BIBI said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Kylie- you are so welcome. I hope others will participate.

Akilah- Yeah, I'm okay now. And at the supermarket, no one wants to shop with me I am perfectly hopeless! =}

Anne- Thanks. I thought I would die myself. But here it is 8 days later and I'm still kicking! I wish the dog was as well. :(

Christine- I've had to convince myself as well that it wasn't my fault. Really I have, but I still feel bad when I drive by that home most days!

The Mind of a Mom said...

See that is why all the ex's need to live in Texas!!
Mine included! LoL
thanks for sharing it is so neat to get to learn more and more about each other as we blog along

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Accidents just happen, and you can't be hard on yourself. There's Speedy's thoughts bout` that!
BIBI, this was fun to read, and nice to know a little more about you. It sounds strange, but I have blog friends that I seem to know as well as my day to day friends after time goes by. I like that - these pages we scribble on are so much more than just a creative outlet.

THIS is my favorite part of your post ... "If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him what you have planned"

SO true! I think back to my past, and I wonder the same thing. HA HAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, I see your children are foremost in importance to you. In that, you can never go wrong. Very sweet ((smile))

Happy week BIBI,

BIBI said...

Thank you guys for the wonderful and sweet comments!

Mom, I agree with you on the EX thing. It's nice to also get to know you as well. We have such a cute blogging family here!

Speedcat, Thank you for the wonderful words and comment. You have brought a smile to my face. :)You also have a great week as well!

Stone said...

That sounds interesting...if I have more time, I might do this as well...well, answer some of these questions on my blog...

Argglll...we hit a dog too...I wasn't driving, a friend was...we were 18 and it wasn't our fault really, yet we felt so shitty...since the dog ran away, we never found out how bad it was...

BIBI said...

Thank you Stone, can't wait to see to your answers.