Friday, February 6, 2009

Challenges Lie Ahead, Just Waiting To Be Fixed.

I consider myself a very headstrong person, who will try her utmost best to get what she wants. I just never thought that my marriage would be on such shaky ground with my new quest to be thinner and healthier.

I doubt that the hubby is aware of how serious I am about losing weight. We've both tried losing weight together a year ago and the momentum fizzled after about two months.

We just got our taxes back and bought a new treadmill. We started out slow like 15 minutes a day then gradually increased everyday until we were on the treadmill for 45 minutes everyday.

Hubby then graduated to burning 700 calories a day at 7 MPH, while I began decreasing to walking for only 30 minutes at 3.5 MPH. I never really considered that I could burn more if I increased my speed, but I was new and wasn't trying to be on America's Funniest Home Videos with the fat momma being thrown off of the treadmill. Hubby loves the video camera, by the way.

So, after two weeks of trying to win smoother abs, tight ass, and muscular biceps we were sorely disappointed that our physique didn't match with the models in our Fitness magazines that came faithfully every month. Disillusioned? YES, ready to admit it? NO!

Now that I am back on the fitness kick, I've picked up some habits that the hubby is not too crazy about.

SCENARIO: Saturday night and the hubby is off. Goes to the store and brings home vanilla-filled cookies, cream cheese and ice cream.

"Look what I got. Want some?" He proceeded to place them all on the kitchen table that I am sitting comfortably at cutting coupons.

Looking at him as if he grown another head; "No, I'm on a diet remember?"

"Oh yeah, forgot. Sorry."

Continues to open the packages and throw together in a bowl the cookies, smear cream cheese on them, and slap some vanilla ice-cream on top.

Saliva pools at the corner of my mouth as I watch him chop down on one of our favorite pastimes on our quest to appease our cravings for junk food.

"You're not going to seriously sit there and eat that all in front of me, are you?"

"Yomhu domhn wanamh nonmhn, sohn behnm itmn."

"Your not serious are you? I mean, you know I am struggling with this whole dieting thing. I have to face my demons and not be tempted by such lack of pure unadulterated control over junk food, yet here you come in here with this crap. And I'm supposed to just accept that?"

Hubby looks at me now as if I grew a new head. I could have got up very graciously and just went into my room and closed the door, but I didn't.

Instead I decided to fight fire with fire. I went to the refrigerator, and pulled out my lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, two boiled eggs, mushrooms, red onions, and my French honey salad dressing. Preparing a big bowl of delicious salad would be my way of showing him that he will not sabotage my progress so far and I will win this battle of the bulge.

Instead of fixing the salad, I busted into tears. It was then I realized how much trouble the hubby and I really are in.

This was the defining moment when I realized that we needed help and that our problems were bigger than we can handle. It has to be done.

Marriage counseling is a big thing for me to handle, but the hubby and I got through our first two sessions together. I believe that we are on the right road to recovery now. And I don't need ice cream to celebrate the moment.


Mr. Bill said...

Hey, that's great that you're doing marriage counseling. Good luck! I hope that works!

BIBI said...

Thanks Mr. Bill. So far so good!

Kylie said...

I hope it works out! It's really great that he agreed to go with you and work on things. That alone shoud say something. I will be pulling for you guys! As long as you both work hard at it you'll be fine! As for the go girl! I need to get some motivation...I think I'm getting closer!?

PS...I haven't forgotten my tag...just been really lazy lately!

Have a great weekend!! :)

*Akilah Sakai* said...

*big ginormous hug*

Your first instinct to go get the salad ingredients was actually freakin' great! I smiled big when I got to that part, but quickly saddened when you cried.

What's good in all this? Your husband agrees with the need for counseling! He wants to work at it with you and that's absolutely wonderful.

Brenda Susan said...

That's hard stuff! My hubs does the same thing because he honestly forgets & I decided that I can ony be in charge of me. That's tuff enough!
Might want to search out a good SWEET thing that is ok in those moments. I love the yogurts that taste like yummy things, cherry, pina colada etc. good luck!

Christine said...

good luck, Bibi, didn't realize things had gone that far. All the best.

BIBI said...

Hi Kylie,
Thanks for rooting for us. I think we are going to be okay. Our next session is next Wednesday. Thanks again!

BIBI said...

Hey Akilah,

Thanks for the hug I needed it that. Yeah, I think I lucked out that he agreed to go. I was not so lucky with the first hubs. That's why he is the EX! :D

BIBI said...

Thank you Brenda,

I found the Yoplait light yogurt. It is such a treat and only 100 calories per serving! Everyone else thinks they are terrific too, so that's why I hide them as well!

BIBI said...

Thank you Christine.
So far so good. I hope it stays that way!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I think marriage counseling is a wonderful thing (maybe if I'd gone sooner...).

Good luck, stay strong, take it one day at a time!

BIBI said...

Thank you Cyndi,
You do the same. I wish you the best as well! :)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Bibi

Hubby does the same thing to me, a lot!! I just call him an a**hole and get revenge the next time I am out shopping and find something I like. It so goes on his credit card, and he knows not to say a word! LoL

BIBI said...

That ABSOLUTELY sounds like a plan to me! LOL!
Thanks for your comment.

Stone said...

Yoplait is delish...I know their products from France...:)

BIBI said...

Hey Stone,

Isn't it though? Really something delicious and I get to lose weight too. Yeah Baby! :)

Stone said...


Started taking Flamenco lessons tonite...that's another way of burning some big fat calories :)

BIBI said...

Hey Stone,
Wonderful! You are so brave. I want to take dance lessons but can't bring myself to dance in front of strangers. I'll soon get up my nerve!

Stone said...

I wouldn't want to *waltz* in front of strangers LOL, but flamenco is learn the basic steps at first and you don't move around a just do the clicking and clacking with your shoes...
If I have to do some workout (and I have to LOL), I want to do something fun...dancing can be fun...and believe me, the people in that class fortunately don't all look like photo models, but like *real* people...all shapes and sizes...

BIBI said...

Wow Stone you have given this gal lots of hope! I WILL look into dancing classes now. Or just buy a Wii and do the game version of 'Dancing With the Stars'. :}

Stone said...

I recommend *dancing classes* because it's also fun to socialize after class :)

BIBI said...

HAHA! I bet it's a wonderful way to compare who lost how much weight too!

Anonymous said...

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