Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello March!

Not that it is officially March yet, but this is to mark the last day of NaBloPoMo of 2009.

I loved every moment of it. Some days I was really lost on what to write. Other days I was pouring my heart out to you all. And your responses were overwhelming. In a good way!

Very honest, kind, and supportive and I feel overwhelmed with emotion. Right now:

"My cup runneth over"

I feel very good that I finished this blog with more than 28 posts. I never thought that I would be able to do so. But you all were so very supportive and truly the motivation to me finishing my NaBloPoMo for February 2009. Two points!

I think that I will only do this NaBloPoMO every year in February. It is the shortest month and, I tell you no lies when I say this, thirty/thirty-one days is a little overwhelming! :-P

I would personally like to thank:
Brenda Susan
Charles Gramlich
Mom (from The Mind of Mom)
Donna (of Don Mills Diva)
Speedcat Hollydale
Anne Nguyen
Mr. Bill
Dee =^.^=
and Sara for all of your comments.

I would also like to thank my children for being the entertainment that keeps my life busy and for not taking life so seriously.

I'd like to thank my therapist Ms. G for being their when the times got rough.

I like to thank my professor who personally influenced at least three of my post this month.

I'd also like to thank my hubby for being the man that he is. If he wasn't, then I'd have nothing to share and then laugh about it with you all. Love you hubs!

I'd like to thank my dentist for lying to me. That drilling done on my teeth DID hurt! You have to love a doc who would lie to you with a smile. A pretty sparkling, white, straight teeth smile.

I'd also like to thank the driver following too close behind me last night when I was on my way home for shining those darn 'brights' into my eyes so that I would drive faster. I was doing 70 MPH dude! But you still passed me when the coast was clear. I hope that you got to that stop sign that you so desperately wanted to get to!

I'd also like to thank the old lady who stopped me in the grocery store last night who accused me of stealing her popcorn out of her cart. While we were standing in the snack isle right next to the chips and popcorn. Right after she put her bag of popcorn back on the shelf. A full two minutes before I even thought of buying any. Thanks for making me the center of attention in the one place I should have not even gone near since starting my diet.

*Sigh* I sooo want March to come. And soon.

Love you all,


Lucy said...


Road Rage, scary, very scary. I try hard not to participate but can get sucked into it.

The grocery store, Oh, I sooo avoid that place. I now wear my iPod. I would not even have heard the old lady, that would have made her even more mad!

Kylie said...

I am so proud of you for posting every day!! I will use your determination as fuel for my fire to be a better blogger!! You are a very sweet person BIBI and I am happy to know you!! xoxo

Christine said...

gosh, you were being picked on today! I just think it's so crowded everywhere that people are getting on each other's nerves.

carma said...

Can you believe we made it?? - 28 posts and I think we both did 2 posts one day, too ending up with more than 28!! Didn't think I'd ever possibly have that much to write about, but like you I am definitely doing it again. Just not in March :-)
And thanks for the "thanks." Hope you can avoid Evil Popcorn Lady in the future!

Anonymous said...


And hello March, and a break for Bibi!!

Brenda Susan said...

Yay for you!! It's a great expereince to post everyday like that isn't it? I did it in November & it really changed the way I blog now. It causes you to look for writing ideas constantly & then you are more aware of things around you. fun! Congrats!

Deutlich said...

I am SO glad for you that Feb is over! NaBloPomo kicked my ass.

BIBI said...

Thank you Lucy.
Yes I try to avoid road rage at any cost but it is inevitable.
As for the old lady, next time I'll stay out of the isle where I DON'T BELONG!

BIBI said...

Thank you kindly Kylie for the comment. And to be honest I am very shocked that I made it to the end.
Two points! Hahaha! *doing the victory dance*YES!

By the way, you are already a great blogger!

BIBI said...

So true Christine. And it was SOOOO crowded today. You wouldn't believe it! I'm just glad that I made it out of there alive. :)

BIBI said...

I know, I can't believe it myself Carma!
That's right, we did post two on one day!
But aren't you relieved that it is over?!?
Just a tad bit?!? Haha! :D

BIBI said...

Thank you Cyndi. I don't know what I'm going to do with so much time on my hands! :-D

BIBI said...

Thank you so much Brenda. I am more conscious of my writing style and the way that I respond to people as well. It truly is a rewarding experience. Thanks again!

BIBI said...

Thank you Deutlich. Yes it truly kicked me in the butt. A good kick though. :)

*Akilah Sakai* said...

You're very welcome dear!

*round of applause*
Congrats on surviving NaBloPoMo!

Popcorn bandit?! I never would have thought of you as the type to steal popcorn from an innocent old lady! Eh, it is pretty darn tasty...

Paula said...

Congratulations! I have done the Nablopomo before and it is hard, but very fulfilling. :) I find that now I catalog little bloggable moments in my head during the day so I can share them when I get home.

BIBI said...

Thanks Akilah for the heartfelt congrats!
I should be really careful from now on of my comings and goings in the supermarket. Haha!

BIBI said...

Thank you Paula for visiting. I really am surprised that I survived the NaBloPoMo. In what month did you do the NaBloPoMo? If you did it in a 31-day month period, you really are a saint and more deserving of congrats than I am! :)
Thanks again, and I hope to see more of you!