Monday, February 23, 2009

Come and Get Your Slumdog On!

Okay, those of you who have seen the Oscar's last night, kudos! Wasn't it great?!?

Touching when Heath's family accepted his award last night. I cried.

Touching when Kate (my girl) won the best actress award. I cried.

Hugh Jackman (my husband innocent crush) was the man of the hour with a magnificent performance hosting the Oscar's. Some may laugh at that silly dance number that he performed with Beyonce, but I say he is still adorable. All 6' 1" of him! It's obvious that I have a big thing for Aussie men, as I am so obviously bias. Oh well!

Biggest surprise of the night, Sean Penn winnning for the portrayal of Harvey Milk. He was excellent in the movie as well. By the way, to quote Robert Deniro, 'how did he get away with playing straight men all these years?' He was very convincing. And deserved the Oscar win. Even though I was convinced that my Mickey would take it home. :(

Antyway, Slumdog Millionaire won all but one of their Oscar's that they were nominated for last night bringing their total to eight. Including the Oscar for best picture. Wonderful, and anyone interested in other people's culture beside their own should see it. It makes you appreciate being an American all the more.

Penelope Cruz looked beautiful accepting her award in her beautiful but very old gown. The gown was made by a designer whose name escapes me right now, but the gown is 60 years old! It was obviously beautifully perserved. Get this: Penelope saw it eight years ago, and said to herself that she 'has got to have it', but failed to buy it at the time. She then went back to the shop just this month and the gown was still there. Can you believe it?!? It was striking and she wore it well. Even though she stole the award from my Viola Davis. :(

Well, out of my six picks only four of my bets won.

1. Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor.
2. Danny Boyle for Best Director.
3. Kate Winslet for Best Actress in a leading role.
4. Slumdog Millionaire for Best Picture of the year.

I did okay in my predictions, but hopefully I'll do better next year!


*Akilah Sakai* said...

Hugh Jackman didn't hold back with the dancing in the opening number! I'm like "But you're Wolverine!" LOL! He did great and then he ends the song with "I'm Wolveriiiine!" I nearly died laughing.

Hmm...didn't Slumdog win 8 out of 10? So, they'd have won all but two of their nominated awards actually. Not positive, but I believe it was 10 noms they had.

I think Vegas odds had Mickey Rourke winning hands down, but Sean Penn got it. Wonder how much people lost in bets. They say the film wasn't so great, but that Mickey REALLY did a fantastic job and most thought he had that Oscar in the bag.

I want Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman's dresses sooo bad. I thought Taraji or Viola would have won for Supporting. Oh, and I'll take Taraji's necklace as well. Beautiful!

But yes, like you, I was very excited for Kate and stood inches from the screen to watch her acceptance speech.

Sheri said...

Good re-cap of the show :) I enjoyed blogging about it last night too. I have Slumdog Millionaire added to my Netflix que for whenever it comes out.

carma said...

I decided not to turn it on since I knew I would not be able to stop watching. Wish I had seen Heath's family accept his award though. Will probably be able to catch it on the news programs tonight. Also important to catch up on the fashion hits and misses :D
did not see anyone in olive green, though - darn!

Christine said...

I loved Penelope's gown, didn't know it was vintage or the story behind it...she looked gorgeous.

BIBI said...

Wasn't he hilarious! LOL And such a joy to look at. I want to see live on stage one of these days. Without the hubby accompanying me. :)

Micky Rourke did deserve to win but then again so did Sean Penn. And when he acknowledged Micky as his 'brother' I was completely flabbergasted. But that is Sean Penn!

Didn't Kate look wonderful? And Natalie Portman looked just as great as well in her pink gown. Gosh I wish the names of the designers didn't slip my mind so easily.
And Kate's moment captured on TV was so genuine. I liked when she asked her dad to whistle so that she can know where he is. Just like us girls looking for our daddies.

WOW Slumdog Millionaire had 10 nominations! Didn't know. I just kept counting the wins, and thought I counted nine nominations. Ah well, at least they won. Especially for best picture!

Thanks for your comment Akilah!

BIBI said...

Thanks Sheri. I am on my way to read your blog for the BEST coverage of Oscar night. You do such great work on those kind of things.
I need to join Netflix. When you see it, let us know. It's a great movie.

BIBI said...

I know isn't that so sad?!? No olive green. :D
But I did see a red dress. Heidi Klum wore one with her ever dashing husband supporting her to the Academy.

BIBI said...

It was beautiful Christine wasn't it?!? I wish I had the gumption to wear such a gown. But of course I don't have Penelopes' looks nor her demeanor. Will one day though! :)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Bibi
First off I love your new pic in the profile pic!!!
Now down to business, I was sad that Micky Rourke did not win, I have to wonder if he just did too much damage to himself and his reputation over all these years.

BIBI said...

I was wondering the same thing myself. I was thoroughly disappointed myself, but Sean Penn won and acknowledged that Mickey Rourke is an artist like himself, so then I felt vindicated.
and how are doing?!? :)

*Akilah Sakai* said...

I thought I'd lost you there for awhile. You changed your url for the blog, right? Found you again! I just had to delete it from my Followed Blogs and enter the new url. You scared me for a moment woman!

BIBI said...

Sorry Akilah. I changed back to the original URL again, cause I forgot that it is directly fed into NaBloPoMo. I will give you a heads up when the URL changes again after NaBloPoMO for February is over.

I'm so sorry, I've should have told you before I did it.


*Akilah Sakai* said...

I was through a whole box of tissues before I finally tracked you down. ;)

BIBI said...

Awwww Akilah. You're too sweet. Here's a hug! and a kiss!