Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Things About Me. Help Me Count The Ways...

Recently I was tagged by Sheri, and I have to post 25 facts, habits or quirks about myself. I find that I share a whole lot with this blogging audience that my family rarely sees. But ah well, it’s their fault.

It’s the final countdown…..

25. I used to eat gum off of the ground when I was a kid. I was not aware of all the diseases out there; I was just greedy to chew on something. Plus my mom wouldn’t allow me to eat gum as a kid. So I was rebellious, shot me!

24. I once hit a skunk during the summer going to work and my windows were down. I washed three times with tomato juice, lemons, and detergent and I still couldn’t get rid of the smell. Phew!

23. I kicked the doctor while he was delivering baby number 5. I also slapped the nurse and called her a drug addict whore. The doc soon left the OB-GYN practice after that.

22. I never learned to swim. Had a chance to but took my kids to learn instead. I figured if I don’t die by drowning I’ll die by some other means. I don’t like to think about death too much.

21. I once tried to lose weight nine years ago, but decided to get married instead. Talk about a stupid move. But the hubby loved me like that anyway!

20. I sometimes daydream that I am a famous actress and fans adore me worldwide. I’m multitalented winning actress who wins an Oscar, Tony and a Grammy. I’m then awoken by the sudden shrill shriek of a child who wants to be let in my room.

19. I once had the biggest crush on Ralph Macchio after seeing him in ‘Karate Kid’. I even believed that I would marry him one day. I then turned 15 and had a crush on River Phoenix instead. A woman’s heart is such a fickle thing!

18. I used to claim that my stomach hurt to get my moms attention. She was very neurotic but rarely had time for me so I used to lie to get attention. I’ve outgrown that now. I think.

17. I used to trick my other siblings into doing all kinds of dirty work for me since I was the oldest. I even threw a shoe at a window, broke it and convinced them to tell my mom that the devil did it! She didn’t believe them of course, but no one got spanked.

16. When I was 15 I believed that I would meet Prince Charming and he would sweep me off my feet and I would live happily ever after. At nineteen I married that sucker and he was no Prince Charming. He was the nightmare from Elm street.

15. I had my first baby at twenty and my seventh at thirty-four. I don’t think I’ve matured all that much. I’ve just wasted a lot of time counting down the days when they’ll leave home and I then can have the house all to myself to get down and party!

14. I once found someone’s ATM card and returned it to the bank. It would have been noted as a good deed until I asked the teller “was there a reward for turning in this card?” Hey, I was broke and I wanted a happy meal!

13. I used to love Dr. Pepper until I was drinking it with friends one day and it came out of my nose while I was laughing. Everyone laughed but I was horrified. I NEVER drank that soda again.

12. I was reunited with my younger sister whom I hadn’t seen in years. She is now 23 and the last time I saw her before that was when she was 5 years old. It was a good reunion.

11. I have not seen my two younger brothers ages 27 and 29 since they were 7 and 5. We will have a family reunion this coming April. I will do the ugly cry, I just know it! (For your info, my Papa was a rolling stone!)

10. When I am thinking real hard, I unconsciously tap my foot and begin to hum anything. It really annoys the ‘hubby’ and somewhat frightens the children. They all think I’m crazy anyway.

9. My husband and I are currently on the outs with each other. We can’t agree on any disagreement and can’t agree that we disagree. Marriage counseling is an option, but I’m tired. The argument is really over religious reasons. He thinks he is God, and I disagree.

8. I used to curse in front of my children. I’ve now toned it down and have now adopted a better attitude about my verbal skills. Plus every curse was costing me a quarter and I soon had no money to keep up with my secret stash of junk food. Cussing sucks!

7. I dream one day that I will be instrumental in having a hand in world peace one day. I will start with referring my children fights and see where it goes from there.

6. I love a good action-packed movie with car chases, guns, handsome men, and cool chicks. Now if only I can convince my eyes to stay open wide enough to the very end of the movie.

5. I am a bit melodramatic when it comes to everyday life. I used to be called a ‘drama queen’ when I was little. I guess I am living up to my pet name.

4. I was never an A+ student in my elementary school days. C & Ds was my middle name. Life was much more interesting when you weren’t sitting at a desk being told to write a sentence about the princess who couldn’t find her prince. Really, who cares? I wanted to be outside catching worms and making mud pies. Of course now I’m paying for it heavily by taking courses now and becoming a professional student with no degree to show for my hard work.

3. I grew up very sheltered and not knowing my full potential. It wasn’t my parents fault. They thought that the ‘cult’ we were in was good for us. No kidding!

2. I’ve now turned my life around and have realized that I need so much more than counseling to fix my life. I need a total miracle makeover!

1. I love lox and bagels in the morning. In fact, I love all Jewish, Chinese, Italian, and Indian cuisine. It’s Mexican food that my stomach can’t handle.

There you have it! All 25 facts, goals, quirks or habits that make up the BIBI. I’m not perfect but at least I am me. Oh yeah, I did post the list starting from the number 25 to 1 because I am quirky in that way. It’s fun and I enjoy turning my world upside down.

Okay, now here is the part where I get to tag 25 unsuspecting people.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. Then tag 25 people, including the person who tagged you.

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Good luck to you all, and happy tagging!


Kylie said...

I will happily complete this tag! Thanks!

Hope your weekend was great and have a great week!

PS...Always remember...It's Them And Their Stupid Boy Penises!! ;)

Brenda Susan said...

Ha ha! I like you Bibi! "Religious reasons, he's thinks he's God & I disagree"...the best line ever! Ha!

Christine said...

Bibi, I was most struck by the re-union with your siblings after all these years... you'll have to let us know how you feel when you have the re-union with the rest of them. I do think family is important. Thanks for the tag, no promises though..25 things!

Deutlich said...

I need to turn my life around too. Financially, I've certainly started. Mentally?

Not even close.

BIBI said...

Hey Kylie,

Thanks for completing the tag! It's really fun.

Yeah my weekend was great, only I lost my voice screaming for the Steelers.

Oh yeah, I'll remember. I'm so glad to be of the female species.

BIBI said...

Hey Brenda,

Glad that you liked it. I noticed that you were tagged already, but I couldn't resist tagging you again. ;D

BIBI said...

HELLO Christine!

You know what,? I am blown by the reunions as well, since I've been asking God to let me see my sibs since as long as I could remember. And I am the oldest of eleven brothers and sisters. ('member Papa was a rolling stone.)Yes, five brothers and five sisters.
I think sometimes when God sees me on the caller ID, he just shakes his head. :P
Have a great day.

BIBI said...


I hear you girl! I have not even BEGUN to scratch the surface of what ails my mind!

AnneNguyen said...

awww thanks for the tag! but i've already done one like that..somewhere in my old posts..sorry =( 25 is really hard to come up with.

eating gum off the ground? when i was young i smeared poop on my face!

wow seven do you do it! did you end up losing all the weight after? im scared after having one baby.. not the pain because i love the epidural .. but the weight gaining and saggy titts haha.

Sheri said...

Thanks for doing the tag! It was fun getting to know more about you. :)

Lilly's Life said...

Wow that was an amazing list. And really well written as well. And funny and I am so with you on a few of these. No 23 - yes I said some horrendous things to nurses while giving birth too. LOL!! Thanks for the tag.

Clarity said...

I love your 25, very insightful. I love the fact that your husband thinks he is God. Isn't that all men though? haha.

Thank you for the lovely comment and yes all is well here. Life gets crazy and I regret to say The Lucky Denver Mint was put on the back burner for a while. I hope to make more time in my hectic schedule for it these days :)

BIBI said...

Thanks Anne anyway for leaving me a comment.

BIBI said...

Hey Sheri,

You are the best for sending me such a tag! It was so much fun to do. Thanks again!

BIBI said...

Hey Lilly,

The bad thing about it is that I live in a small town and I still see that nurse occasionally. LOL!

BIBI said...

Hello Clarity,

Well, well, well. Long time no hear. Glad to see that you are alive and well.

And yes, I believe that is all man's theory. My sister calls it the Tarzan syndrome. LOL! ;D