Friday, February 13, 2009

There Are Pheromones In the Air

In retrospect, February is the LOVE month. I am not in too much of a mushy mood. Yes, to receive a valentine would be nice, but I can’t write about love. I’ve tried and failed miserably.

Not to say that my children don’t enjoy it. Heck they had valentine parties in school today and came home with so much junk. Awww well, at least they are enjoying the holiday.

Some researchers are now saying that the attraction is now societal or biological, not logical. So does that mean that logically we don’t choose our mate properly but by societal judgment? Or is the biological part the physical attraction or the way we see our future mother/father to our children.

So is the chemical attraction for real or just something to keep researchers busy with money from the government to do bogus science experiments? Read this article to find out what USA today has time to write, wasting the readers time and 75 cents.

Coming tomorrow: the Anti-Valentine article.: ^)


Kylie said...

Happy Valentine's day! Have a great weekend!

The Mind of a Mom said...

I am wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day
And I am sending
Valenfriend's SoccerMom Huggss!

BIBI said...

Mom- Happy Valentine's day to you too

BIBI said...

And you too have a great weekend as well. Enjoy your Valentine's Day as well!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Sending you mini hearts that'll dance around your head jut like birdies do on the cartoons when someone gets knocked upside the head. LOL!

BIBI said...

Hahaha Akilah. Very funny.
Back at ya babe!