Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Presently, I am in the mood to watch a good movie. A good romantic comedy/romantic drama. You know a chick flick! Something that will make me laugh and do the ugly cry at the same time. With it being Valentine’s day and the hubby at work until 9PM, I think it only appropriate that I watch a good movie.

The choices are limitless. Lifetime of course has many romantic movies showing today, but they are not what I want now. You have to be in the mood to watch Lifetime, and what I really want is something on DVD.

How about?:

West Side Story

Racial tension in the streets of NYC. Romance between man and woman on different sides. Guys with tight pants that are just a wee bit high. Girls with Brooklyn/Puerto Rican Accents who can’t sing. The most touching scene is when Maria holds Tony in her arms while he lies dying. That is cinema at its best in 1961.

Ever After

Indeed the best Cinderella story ever made! Drew Barrymore and Angelica Huston were the best in the movie, and the other characters made the movie as well. Action, laughter, tears, and the very familiar story of Cinderella winning the Prince in a storytelling way that made my children believe that the story was true.

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant, what a duo! Actually the whole rich girl, poor boy –or- famous girl, successful bookstore owner made the tale of star-crossed lovers very believable and I fell in love with the movie. Not enough to list it as my favorite, but close enough. For added comic effect they put the dingy, filthy but lovable flat mate of Hugh’s whose presence the audience needed when the movie got too heavy.


Made movie history and I went to go see it three times! This is the first performance of Kate Winslet that I had ever seen and of course I fell in love with her. Just a girl crush mind you, nothing serious. Leo was excellent and of course with the rest of the world I was bummed when he didn’t get nominated for the Oscar. However, the movie will live forever in my heart as timeless, and it was money well spent. Just the right amount of drama to make the romance believable and for years I thought that Jack and Rose were truly real passengers on the Titanic.


Nothing that Kiera Knightley does is small. The romantic drama was a little over the top but made me appreciate the life that I do have with hubby and not to trust anyone to mess with that. Great storyline and I felt so sorry for the lovers.


I love John Cusack, and he was also in Say Anything, one of my faves as a teen. Kate Beckinsdale is not to bad either. I love movies with lovers wanting to be together but can’t for some reason or another. The whole fact that they reconnected after 10 years separated with a book holding the final say so, on whether they will get together made me weepy. A great one for the box of Kleenex on the coffee table.

Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts again with Richard Gere since their movie ‘Pretty Woman’. They make one of the most pleasant couples on the screen right next to Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Lots of laughs, just the right amount of romance to make the movie enjoyable. Plus, one of my favorites as well.

Pride and Prejudice

So many remakes of the classic story by Jane Austen but the movie starring Kiera Knightley was absolutely the best. You know wealth and status was such a determining factor in a woman’s amounts of proposals in those days.

Sense and Sensibility

Another with Kate Winslet and the movie was excellent as well. This is one for under the covers with the shades pulled down and lots of candy sprinkled around you, with the box of tissues nearby. Emma Thompson is a great actress as well and pulls it off real well. Especially at the end when she begins to cry at her marriage proposal by Hugh Grant. Such a chic flick!

Much Ado about Nothing

And last but not least, one of my favorites. Lover’s quarrels, innocent girls turning into women, accusation, sex, and jilted brides set in 1640 Italy. Sounds like an episode on a soap. However; I LOVE this movie and Shakespeare is of course the greatest romantic writer known this world over. Enough said.

Well, with so many choices you would think that I had my full of movies to at least get into the holiday spirit. But NOOOO!

Had hair duty (3 heads total), bubble baths, cookie making, spaghetti and meatballs dinner’ cause of course it is a holiday, laundry (6 loads), homework, and kitchen cabinets to straighten.

The only thing that came close to anything romantic on TV today was whether Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana could make up her mind to plant a big one on the handsome admirer or tell him that she was Hannah Montana.

And how did you celebrate heart day?!?


Brenda Susan said...

All great movies. I especially love "Ever After"! Drew Barrymore is amazing in it, so fun to watch. My hubs took me to a chick flick for my birthday, "He's Just Not That Into You" with Drew Barrymore. Was good but not as funny as expected & not as much Drew as expected.

Anonymous said...

Tough choice on the movie, they're all good!

I went to see the Vagina Monologues today...and it was great!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sheri said...

Oh I absolutely love Titanic and Ever After. I haven't seen either for years! I may just go grab my copies on VHS (lol) and watch them... if I can find a working VCR. Hmm.

BIBI said...

Hi Brenda,
I agree. Drew Barrymore is amazing to watch. Too bad about the movie though. I am still going to watch it, after I read the book however.
Score one for the wonderful hubs! :^)

BIBI said...

Hey Cyndi!
I know it was a tough choice that I didn't have to make for obvious reasons.
I also heard about the Vagina Monologues. Thanks for the heads up, because NOW I am going to see it!

BIBI said...

Haha Sheri! I still have my VCR as well. I might just come over to get away from the kids and watch them with you! :^)

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Seen some of those, but you've jut reminded me of a few that I have been meaning to watch but keep forgetting about. Great rundown without spoiling any of the films I haven't seen yet. Thanks!

carma said...

Any movie with Hugh Grant gets my vote! Went rollerskating with my husband and son. Not very romantic, but fun jammin' to "It Takes Two" - my all time favorite skate song. Yes, I have outed myself as an old lady :-)

BIBI said...

You're welcome Akilah. I did that on purpose! HAHA :^D

BIBI said...

Hey Carma! I don't think that you are to old to enjoy "It Takes Two". I love that song as well.
I'm glad that you had fun skating. Me and the skates fight every time I go to the skating rink. And the skates usually win, I end up with bruises all over my buttocks.
Not pretty I assure you! I can't sit down for three days.
Did I ever mention that I am a klutz?!? :^(

Anonymous said...

I know I'm all late on this, but have you seen P.S. I love you? THAT is the BEST chick flick that warms the heart and makes you do the ugly cry. :)

BIBI said...

Come to think of it, I don't think I ever saw that one. Thanks Ashley, I'll get it from the video store tomorrow!