Monday, February 2, 2009

Yours Truly,

Dear Mr. Groundhog,

Thanks for telling us that we have another six weeks of winter. Once again you have let me down. I am not a fan of winter. Except when I am codling up in my bed with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. But your fans in Punxstawney, PA love you. They obviously like the idea of you telling them that winter will extend itself for another six weeks. They must love the tortures of ‘ol man winter.

Now we definitely have six more weeks of winter. Here’s looking at you kid.

But are you sure? You know after coming out of a hole for what seems like an entirety, might it have dulled your eyesight? The sun can cause blindness if you look at it suddenly having been in the dark for so long.

This somber news couldn’t have come at a more exciting time for us football fans. Especially us ‘Steelers’ fans!

I don’t know if you realize it being that you are holed up in that hole but, they did make history last night. They are the only NFL team to have won six (YEAH 6 baby!!!) Super Bowls.

Their coach, Martin Tomlin, is the 2nd black coach to win the Super Bowl as well. That interception by Harrison followed by a 100 yard dash to make a touchdown will go down in NFL history books. They came back in the fourth quarter with a touchdown by Satanio Holmes in the last 35 seconds. What a game!!!

But all of these details don’t really mean anything to you do they? Just out of a courtesy to those of us who can’t stand winter, could you perhaps put a blindfold on when you go to see your shadow next Ground hog day?

Yours truly,


PS. I don’t hate you, I just like spring to come as soon as possible.


Kylie said...

I am right there with ya! Ready for Spring & Summer!

dee =^.^= said...

i'm staying as warm as i can. my dorm room is like a little sauna, which is good because i hate cold weather. and thanks for your compliment on my poem. and i see that i've been tagged. i did it on facebook already but i'll do it here too even though i don't have 25 people to tag

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Bibi
I wrote about the little weasels and their predict about more winter then we want! Though as I said it was very nice here today 24c and if this is what he thinks winter should be I'll take it, unfortunately it is not going to stay this way. We are due to get snow and very cold temps.

BIBI said...

Great Kylie,
You are just my kind of girl!

BIBI said...

Hey Dee,
I'm glad that you are staying warm. I need to get under the covers myself right now! Brrrrr!

BIBI said...

Weasels is right. Who said that they can predict our weather?!? :D
Have a good night! And thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Spring is never coming