Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Are All Creatures of Habit

I habitually watch television, blog, daydream about being a famous writer, drink a gallon of water a day, and dream about being 60 pounds thinner. I am also a creature of stranger habits, but this blog page is way too short to list all of the *ahem* details.

However, I do know I have a habit of doing other things as well. I:

-Tell the hubby that we have less in our joint account after I deposit HIS checks so that I can buy something that I really want, but not necessarily need.

-Tell the children that if they don't eat all of their okra at dinner, that they'll have nightmares.

-Always tell my loving but habitually curious Grandmother that everything is okay, when it's sometimes not. (It's for her own good, she doesn't need to worry!)

-Convince myself that writing in my journal every night can be cathartic (Oprah's definition) and can possibly be a good story when that journal is finished. (I have yet to fill up one journal since 2003.)

-Tell myself that one day the hubby will figure out that the laundry hampers are colored coded for a reason and that he will stop sticking to be bleached clothes and not-to-be-bleached clothes in the same basket. He is definitely a work in progress.

-Tell the children that if they don't do their chores that they will lose their TV privileges. (LOL, that one even sounds funny to my ears!)

-Tell myself that one day I'll just answer the 'unknown' numbers that keep showing up on my caller ID with: "Hello, welcome to Wendy's."

-Constantly tell myself that reading a book into the wee hours of the morning and then getting up at 6 AM to get the kids ready for school is really something not good for the irrational and impatient. (Until then I'll cuss and mumble into I get my 'fix' of my daily must read blogs.)

-Tell myself that not everyone is perfect and that I need to stop being so hard on myself.

Some say that honesty is the best policy ya know!

But until then, honesty can stay the hell under the bed until I am ready to face her!


Anonymous said...

I love okra!!! I'll gladly finish what the kids dont...

And the rest of your list! : )

Anonymous said...

lol you always make me laugh!

Kylie said...

Haha! Love your blog!! Have a great week!!!

Charles Gramlich said...

I find that with enough imagination I can convince myself that whatever I want to believe is true is, in fact, true. That's how I end up always being honest.

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Oh my gosh! I've had that same dream of becoming a famous writer! And I've had it since Middle School! It's dwindled down to a passing thought, but you'd better Go For It 'cos you never know.

Great post, BIBI. Very interesting and well-written.

carma said...

Yeah, Oprah's solution for a lot of things is journaling; It's just not my thing; but maybe if I did I would be wise and rich like Oprah :-)
your habits actually sound quite healthy!

BIBI said...

Hey ya Cyndi-

You can have it. Okra looks good in the magazines, but sucks (literally) going down the throat.

BIBI said...

You're pretty funny yourself! I think humor is definitely my way of handling sticky situations. Not that my habits bother me per say, but I think they drive my family nuts!

BIBI said...

You too Kylie! See you soon!

BIBI said...

Hello Charles,
Thanks for your heartfelt comment. I totally agree deep down in my heart. Now if only my head will listen.

BIBI said...

You know Akilah when you find someone who has the same habits as you, you begin to freak. But I am glad that you and I had the same dream to be a writer. You can still do it too!

BIBI said...

Thank you Carma. I hope to one day publish my writings. Who knows I might even become a famous screenwriter. I have a long way to go though!